Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pocket and the Moving Christmas Tree

My house has been decorated for Christmas.  I know this is a good thing because it means that Santa Paws will soon be arriving, but I don’t like it.   When the house is being decorated no one is sitting next to me, and my parents only pay attention to me if I get underfoot.

It is a positive sign that the tree is in the living room.  When we lived in the condo, the tree was always there, when Mommy’s children and grandchildren would come over to open presents, yell excitedly, and leave the house looking like a wrapping paper factory exploded.

But her kids got older.  They all wanted Christmas at their house and had no interest in getting together.  The tree became a reminder.  When we first moved into our modular home, the tree was in the seldom traveled front room where it would look pretty from the street but could not be witnessed inside.  The Dickens Village was set up on the porch for the same reason.  On the outside, the house looked festive.  No one looked inside.

Three years ago the tree was moved into the kitchen and the village on to the TV stand.  Mommy was letting Christmas back into her house a little bit at a time.  I didn’t mind the tree in the kitchen but River, when we were alone, kept knocking it over in excitement, as she would run to the window to see if our missing parents were home.

So, now the tree is in the living room.  I am getting used to it.  It’s pretty and harmless as long as River doesn’t run into it.  I think it is a positive sign that Mommy, despite Christmas the Ghost of Christmas present never being as joyous as that of Christmas Past, is letting the beauty of the holiday back in her heart.

The tree didn’t cause much drama this year.   My parents purchased the tree pre-lit, but like most things that enter your house pre-lit, they eventually disappoint.  Last year Daddy had to keep going to the store to buy lights as the pre-lit ones became post-dark.  But this year the lights all shone.'

I like looking at the Dickens Village.  I think I would have enjoyed living there.  Everything seems so simple:  No loud cars, no screaming televisions, happy people wishing each other the best of the season, ignoring the river of excrement flowing down the street, all reasonably sure the government is screwing them but with no Twitter feed they are unable to confirm it.

Mommy used to get very stressed about buying presents, but as grandchildren have grown the pressure to buy them all multiple presents has waned, and much of the buying is done on the computer, with me on her lap.

Even the picture taking was easier this year.  I think it is because River and I are both older and have figured out if we both looked at the camera for one picture out of 50 we would be done.  

We have two snow shower lights outside the house.  One lights up the big pine tree making it glow.  The other is in front of the house and shines on the garland on the pole in front of the house.  When River and I got out to pee, the lights hit us, and we sparkle like 70’s Disco Queens.

I think we have all, including me, made our peace with Christmas this year  We will see what the season brings.  We hope it is nothing but good cheer and little drama.
I won’t be able to judge until next December when the tree goes up again.  It has made it’s way to the main room.  If it keeps moving and is in the back bathroom next year, I’ll know things didn’t go so well this year.

I guess I am dreaming of a tree in the living room Christmas for next year.

What could be better?


  1. Your story of the moving Christmas tree was funny, a little sad, and then very heartening. Sadly, I have to admit that we don't have peace with Christmas here (the commercialism drives us bonkers) but we're reaching peace with the fact that we're different from most of the rest of the world. And our nephews are growing up so the gift buying is getting easier :)

  2. That Christmas tree sure has done a lot of traveling. We are happy that the joy of Christmas has returned to your Mom. Sometime the hectic times of the holidays get so overwhelming. We are all hoping for a peaceful and love-filled holiday with family.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. that was a good idea to place the tree in da living room... so you can live with the spirit of christmas while relaxing in da living room.

  4. Dat river of excrement line made me BOL. And da twitter one too.

  5. You're such a funny little dog and Christmas has so many frustrations for dogs

  6. I sure do get where your Mom is coming from. Last Christmas was a bleak, black hole after losing our Lexi. This year there are some decorations up, with the coming of our Xena. Maybe next year there will be a tree again. Maybe not. And several years ago I discovered that the few folks I buy presents for were actually appreciative that I gave to charities in their names instead of giving them things they didn't need. So on that goes.

  7. Our Mom used to put trees in every room. Then when all us pups were born, she stopped putting any trees up. This year she's thinking about it but it seems like too much work. Maybe next year.

  8. I'm so glad to hear the Christmas joy is returning to the home!

  9. We just have a few decorations so far. Nothing I can reach, though.

  10. We are happy that the tree has traveled back to the living room. With so much commercialism it is hard to be able not get stressed about it all. Mom used to shop for all the grandkids but now some they just give money to the parents to shop. easier that way
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. Our tree never moves but we are okay with that!

  12. Our Christmas decorations are still in boxes. Don't know if they'll see the light of day this year...BOL! We think moving trees would be scary. We're not even allowed to bring sticks inside.