Friday, April 27, 2018

Foley Tests the New 2018 Fllying Month Models

All winter my minions have been working on new flying creature bodies for us to use when we wish to visit the mortal world.  With the temperatures finally warming I wandered down to the factory to check on this year’s models

“Oh, we have some beauties,” the smarmy salesman told me.  “We have cut down on wind shear, added torque, put in stabilizers, and increased ring flapability.  I think this little beauty is going to take you to the mortal world and back in nothing but comfort.”
I had heard the same story every year, and I always ended up with an old rickety body to try and visit my parents.  At this time of year, only the white moths are available. It would take weeks before the beautiful butterflies were ready.  I decided, while my mom was working in the yard, to take a chance and test drive the moth.

“Beautiful,” the salesman said when he learned I wanted to test a unit.  “Here is one of our top vehicles,” he said pointing to a moth. “It handles like a dream and will get you there in comfort.”  I climbed into the body. It was a little roomier than last year’s model, and they had installed a cup holder which was nice. I started it up and took to the air.

I set the coordinates to my parent’s house.  I came out of the sun and headed right for them.  The unit was holding together nicely. I aimed to land on my mom’s shoulder and brush her ear to say hello

Then a gust of wind hit me.  Stabilizers my tail! I got blown away by my Mommy and headed to the shed.  I went to put my feet on the wall and realized the stupid minions had not added suction to my paws.  If I landed on the ground, I wouldn’t have the wing strength to get in the air. I caught a wind gust and tried to use my wings to fly but kept sinking.  I knew one minion who was going to get a lecture on flapability. Luckily air got under me, and I was lifted on to my sisters’ stroller.

“Hi Foley,” Pocket said.

“Still having trouble with the moth model?” River asked.

I had no time for their impertinence.  I turned hoping my Mommy would see me but she was concentrating on her garden.  Another burst of wind caught me and lifted me off the stroller. “Bye Foley,” my sisters said.

I was back in the air.  I looked at my instrument panels and saw the battery power was low.  With all my energy I worked my wings until I got into the jet stream and let it blow me back into the sun.  I glided back to the minion plant.

“Did everything go as expected?” the smarmy salesman asked.
I gave him a long list of improvements needed before I could trust the vehicles to be ready to for my friends to use.  The minions were complaining as I left. I ignored them. Nothing but the best for us angels.

I will soon take another test drive, but I doubted the improvements would be made.  The minions know we would use any rickety thing to visit our parents


  1. I know you will find just the right model to make it work.

  2. This is so sweet. Made me want to cry. Foley you will get there. Hey! if you get blown off course you can come visit us in Brazil. Say hi to our dogs for us please.

  3. Foley, you are SO cute and so dedicated!

  4. We bet your mom still felt you in her heart!
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. It's hard to get good minions.

  6. So that's who we saw blow by our yard on that very windy day!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. I'd better be more careful now. I always try to catch those little white moths and eat them. Yipes!

  8. Such a visit is worth the risk but we do hope the next model is better!

    Just Stopping in to bark hello!

    Murphy & Stanley


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