Friday, April 6, 2018

Foley Saves a Street Dog with Smoochy, Leo and Rocky

There are big human cities at Rainbow Bridge.  They are to the west of our newly christened Doggyspace.  Sometimes dogs, who lived their lives on the streets, prefer to go to the city after they cross over the Bridge.  It is a grimy life, but it is what they know. I always wished I could show one homeless dog that life is better at DS.

One day Leo, Smoochy and I were walking through one of the cities when we came upon a meek chihuahua named Cortez.  We told him he should return to Doggyspace with us. “No, I don’t think so,” Cortez said. “I don’t want to live in a house.”  Leo and Smoochy told him about their comfortable lives in homes filled with love, but Cortez said he doubted anyone would love him.  When we pressed him, he ran away. I wanted to go after him, but Leo told me we wouldn’t catch him. Smoochy said he had a better idea.

We went back to DS and talked to Rocky, our brave German Shepard friend.  Smoochy said that Rocky could be a convincing street dog, get close to Cortez and convince him to be adopted by one of the many loving parents who prefer to live at DS.

We took Rocky to the river to get wet him and covered with mud.  Then we walked to the city. Every few miles Rocky would roll around in the dirt until he was filthy.  We left him on the corner where we found Cortez. Leo, Smoochy and I rented a small garden apartment near the corner so Rocky wouldn’t be abandoned if he was in danger. 

 The apartment was dirty, with cockroaches running around (even they go to the Bridge, by the billions). We had to put several blankets on the floor to keep clean. Then we waited for Rocky to do his magic.

It took an hour for Cortez to appear.  He made fast friends with Rocky. They slept together behind a dumpster. They ate whatever food was thrown away. It was quite a change for Rocky who lived a pampered life with a loving family, but he was committed to saving Cortez.  As they sat in the rain Rocky told Cortez about the home he lost, the great food, being warm all the time, sleeping on a bed, and most of all the unconditional love. When Cortez told him that he could never be loved Rocky promised him any mom would take one look at him and adore him.

He convinced Rocky to come to our apartment.  Smoothy, Leo and I toweled both our friends off.  Then we all told stories of our wonderful home and the glory of love.  It took until dawn, but we persuaded him to come back to DS with us

Smoochy ran ahead and talked to one of the DS Moms.  When we got back to DS Leo, Rocky and I lead Cortez to his new home.  He didn’t get a chance to step inside because Sage and Saffron’s Mom Jackie Pool ran out of the house, picked Cortez up as he released a squeal of joy, and ran into her house where Cortez became the newest member of her pack.

A few days later Smoochy, Rocky, Leo and I saw Cortez playing with Sage and Saffron.  He stopped and gave us a thankful smile then went back to chasing Sage and Saffron.

Smoochy, Rocky, Leo and I all lay down in the sun very satisfied with saving a dog.

The job continues, even here at the Bridge.


  1. I love this!!!!
    Angel Raven, Madison, Skye, CoCo... The Killer K9's

  2. Good job, noting beats a happen, whenever it happens!

  3. so thankful that Rocky was able to convince Cortez
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. Ohhh what a great story with action and drama and handsome/beautiful friends
    Hugs madi your bfff