Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pocket Enjoys the Year's First Warm Day

Today we finally got a warm garden day.  It was glorious. River Song and I were placed in our executive overseer’s buggy.  It was the pushed into the sunniest spot in the yard. It has been so long since we have felt the sun on our hair.  We could feel every strand warm from the tip down to our skin.

The grass had finally turned from a dull yellow to a thick green.  It still is not growing much. Daddy mowed the lawn, but when he pulled the catcher off the back, there were only a small amount of clippings, like a disappointing haul on Deadliest Catch.

Mommy had cleaned out a pair of gardens the previous two weeks, but the weather had been cold and cloudy.  There was little motivation for hard garden work. But today, with the newly cut grass wafting the scent of spring through the air, and the sky a lovely shade of blue, cleaning the gardens was much more rewarding.

River and I lay next to one another in our stroller.  We happily watched over the beautiful crocuses and daffodils, and we sang “rise up” to the other bulbs which have been hiding under the cold, dark ground waiting for the temperatures to warm.  Hopefully, by next week, we will see their smiling faces too.

Winter is a slob.  It leaves it’s rubbish everywhere, but mostly in gardens.  Winter is cold and hard. It hates beauty; it is intent on covering everything colorful with a sheet of plain white.  When that melts, the mayhem beneath is revealed. We instructed Mommy to remove sticks from our crushed hostas bushes and said a prayer that they would bloom.  To encourage them the forsythia bush is flourishing. Its beautiful yellow petals shone in the sun

Daddy fixed the edging around the garden that had been heaved up and twisted sideways.  We suggested he alternate between the red and white edging. We think it came out lovely.  Then the solar lights were put around the driveway and the gardens. 

Even though the sun has not been able to sparkle on our flower-filled gardens yet the solar lights will light up the darkness like dozens of stars

Near the end of our workday, a miracle happened.  For just a few precious seconds a white moth dipped down near our stroller.  It was Foley, in a borrowed body, coming to say hello for the first time this spring and to check on our work.  She gave us an approving tip of her wing and disappeared into the sun.

We are wishing you all many more sunny, warm days after the long winter and may your flowers grow beautifully and your vegetables are scrumptious.  


  1. Finally we have some signs of Spring! Looks like you took full advantage of the warm weather! Hoping for more sunny and warm filled days:)
    World of Animals

  2. That sounds like a much better day, especially with that special visitor!

  3. So happy you all got a visit from Foley:) We had a few glorious days here too, but then rain yesterday. BUT nice weather returned today and we hear the weekend is going to be spectacular.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Hooray for some nice weather! (Our yard is a mess after this winter too: leaves and sticks and debris everywhere!)

  5. May you also have many sunny and warm days.

  6. Glad y'all are gittin' sum Spring weather at last. We didn't git any of da white stuff here dis year, but winter did hang around long past its welcome, dat's fur shure!

  7. Oh, that is pawsome! Sounds like your peeps got looooots done! And your hard work was rewarded by your Angel Sissy's arrival...good work ya'll! (Ma wants to know if you are free tomorrow for our yardie????)
    Ruby ♥

  8. Glad ya finally got some spring weather!

  9. yes mr. winter is a bad guy... and this year he teased us to the max.... glad that miss spring is there now ;O)

  10. Isn't it wonderful to feel spring in the air. Our mom & dad have also been out getting the winter mess cleaned up and welcoming spring
    Hazel & Mabel


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