Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pocket Celebraets Opening Garden Day

Finally, on Monday, Opening Garden Day arrived.  Unfortunately so did my chronic colitis which meant I skipped breakfast and gave my parents their weekly worry day. 

 As usual, I ate nothing in the morning, little in the afternoon, then at supper, like your Uncle Phil at a cookout, I took a messy poop then stepped right up,  announced I was starving and wolfed down everything in sight. I know! It takes a lot of patience to be a dog parent.

Even feeling poorly I was excited about Garden Day.  Our stroller was brought out from the shed, and River and I were placed inside it where we could see everything my parents were doing. The temperature was in the mid 40’s and sunny.  My parents dressed in layers then warmed as they worked, removing one garment at a time, like a strange landscaping striptease.

Before my parents began their chores, they stood on the edge of Foley’s garden.  Our stroller was placed next to them. A few members of the high school band played the national anthem.  Our property manager kicked off the season by yelling “Everyone weed!” Then my parents got to work.

Daddy raked the lawn.  This does help make the grass grow, but it is tedious work.  We decided to stay with our Mom. She got the Shop-Vac out and vacuumed the patio.  Maybe your parents don’t vacuum the outside, but Momma finds it easier than sweeping and bagging the debris plus this planet could use a good vacuuming now and then.

We started in Foley’s garden because she would haunt us if we didn’t.  There were already some crocuses poking their heads up to shine in the sun  Mommy was disappointed that the bulbs she planted last year had not bloomed, but if I were a bulb this spring, I would stay underground too.

After Mommy, under our supervision, prepared the garden for spring’s beauty by cleaning all the winter refuse from it we moved to the front one.  We were only able to get half of it cleared when Foley demanded that Mommy stop by sending shooting pains down her spine. Mommy used to think this was a sign of aging but now knows it is her little angel Yorkie demanding she stops.

We sat in the sun together and watched Daddy finish raking the lawn.  Foley didn’t send him any pain. She thinks he can take care of himself.  When we finished, we got a walk around our little neighborhood where we barked at everyone we knew that our lovely gardens would be open soon.

All our readers are welcome to see our gardens when they bloom.  River and I have it all planned out. It is going to be our best garden ever,  As long as we have a couple of day over 50 degrees


  1. We can't wait to see thhe results of all the hard work

  2. Enzo wants to know if you need help with the planting! Lol! As you know he specializes in growing taters!
    Love you!

  3. We're so glad garden season is here. I sure hope you feel better soon Pocket.

  4. Our mommas has been working on our gardens for months now.

  5. Sounds like Angel Foley is a wonderful snoopervisor! We can't wait to see the results of all your(and your pawrents) hard work!!
    Arty, Rosy & Jakey

  6. It's still too muddy to do our yard clean-up yet. Maybe in a couple more weeks. Hope your tummy feels better.

  7. Just when we thought spring was really here, yesterday we got rain, then high winds and snow. At least it wasn't a lot of snow. We look forward to seeing your garden
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. This was fun to read because I don't think spring lawn care is ever done that way here in the US. At apartments, the apartment complex does lawn care. At homes, everyone does theirs on their own schedule. Let me know if I got this wrong. :)