Sunday, October 28, 2018

Chase and Gucci are our October 28, 2018 Pups of the Week

Dogs are put on Earth to care for their parents above all others. But, sometimes two dogs become so codependent that their bond with one another trumps that of the bond to their parents, and they cannot live without each other.

I met Chase and Gucci a decade ago at Doggyspace where parents communicated through their pups.  There were no affiliations, no Democrats or Republicans, just people learning to be like their dogs, living in the moment, not worrying about what comes next.  These were the days before Facebook and Twitter took over the Internet when friendship mattered more than opinion, which people now carry like a flag that needs defending.

When a dog comes into their parent's lives, they must take care of their humans.  When the pups age their parents begin to take care of them. There are times each day that tether moms and dads to their dogs. They have to be there for shots and medication.  The dogs become even more of a constant in their parent's lives, and the bond grows stronger.

When Momma Sherri welcomed Chase and Gucci into her house, it became a home, because that is when the dwelling became filled with love.  For years they lived happily together. But little love filled doggies can’t go on forever, and Gucci made her trip over the Bridge first.

Gucci refused to be sworn in.  “Chase is coming,” she said. “He gave mom half his heart, and me a quarter, so he only has a quarter of his own, and it is going to be very hard for that sweet, sick boy to live with only a small part of his heart doing all the work.”

Gucci was right.  Once his sister was gone Chase was like a dog without his shadow.  He was lost, and, like a shadow at sunset, he faded. His mom prayed for Chase to stay but he no longer had it in him and, like she had three days earlier with Gucci, she let him go by taking all the pain he was feeling into her heart, freeing him to be young and healthy again.  In trade, Momma Sheri gave up the right to see him during her mortal life. In three days she went from having a home filled with love to a house that just gives shelter. All those little moments of love that brought her heart alive, the smiles, the sly glances, the pitter patter of paws, the tail wags, are gone, and her heart aches for them.  Once again another parent suffered an unimaginable loss.

Meanwhile, Gucci smiled as she heard the familiar sound of Chase’s paw falls on the Bridge.  She turned around, and Chase charged towards her. They had only been apart three days, but they greeted one another like it had been a lifetime.  They first held each other and cried because they were together, then they cried because their mom was alone. Chase swore he tried to stay with her.  Gucci said she understood. They vowed, as their mom’s angels, to bring a moment of happiness into her day, every day, and then to start doubling her happy moments until her smiles outweigh her tears. 

 There was no timetable for their mission to be completed. In fact, the loving duo could not figure out how to start.

They decided to sit by the river bank and think of ways they could make their mom happy.  They asked me, an experienced angel, to join them. We laid under the sun together, softly discussing a plan, until Chase and Gucci fell asleep, snuggled together, with the sun glistening off their fur, as they had for years.

I wish this blog had a happy ending, but not every story ends happily
But I hope, knowing her two babies were together again, lying in the sun, would give their mom just a moment of happiness.

It would be a good start.


  1. that happened here too... after our frosty had to go his BFF chipie joined him within a month... deoble heart break, but maybe they really were the pawfect match and together meant forever for them...

  2. This was beautiful but it made our eyes water.

  3. That is just so sad, but we truly understand how it happens. When we lost Thunder very suddenly, Ciara was completely lost. That is when her seizures set in. We had her a lot longer than just three days, but we think her heart was broken when she lost her best buddy - they were incredibly bonded to each other.

    Hugs to Chase and Gucci's Mom from all of us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. That must be so hard to lose two cherished pets so close together!

  5. I am so glad they are together. The same happened with us too when one doggy went the other followed not too long after.

  6. Oh my goodness so sad to lose them so close together.
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. OMD, that was beautiful! I am sure it gave momma Sherri a smile!


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