Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday Question

How would you best describe the way you bark?

Pocket:  I have a high pitched bark that comes in several small, loud yips that can hit you like a knife being jabbed into your skull.  At least that's what Mommy says.

River:  I lay down a basic track of one long growl, and from that, I form an "O" with my mouth and let a quick, short, bark.


  1. we have falsetto and bass... not the pawfect mix for a symphony LOL

  2. Misty: B-A-R-K in a lovely tenor
    Timmy: A-R-F in a fetching alto

  3. Mine is just like yours, Pocket, but I bet I am LOUDER. Mommy praises my bark the same as your Mom does. Xena
    I have a deeper, less annoying bark in which I incorporate a whine either before or after, that has a question mark at the end. Lucy

  4. My bark sounds like a meow but with less teeth these days.

  5. Wells, I gots lots of barks. Most of them are deep chested, and if I really get goin', Ma says I sound like a pack of Doberman's! BOL
    Ma doesn't seem to care for my 'whiny-bark' very much. I likes it though, and do it whenever I can....heheee
    Ruby ♥

  6. Pugsley who was one of the original PugRanch Kids had a bark that sounded like he was saying "hubba hubba hubba"
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. I happen to have a wide range of barks
    There's my "big boy" bark for when strangers are near. I have a yipping bark when my humans come home. Then there's my loud "all you evil squirrels stay out of my yard!" public announcement bark. I can also howl really well. We cockers are known for being a very vocal breed.


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