Friday, October 26, 2018

Foley and Friends Go to the Circus and Become Liberators

This week the carnival came to Doggyspace.  I awoke to find a huge Ferris Wheel in the middle of our square.  I ran towards it. Other angels joined me, our tails wagging in unison. We came to the gate where a Great Dane stood.  He promised us wonders beyond imagination including The Bridge’s tallest man, the bearded lady, Cheng, and Eng the Siamese twins, and the wolf boy.  “This is awesome,” Buck said to me. “I can’t wait to see them.”

I ran to the Ferris Wheel and rode it with Brooklyn.  As always my Boston Terrier friend had a tennis ball in her mouth.  When we got to the top Brooklyn spit out the ball, and we watched it fall endlessly until it hit the ground and bounced high in the air.  We both let out howls of joy and then looked towards the horizon, boasting that we could see our moms’ house.

Brooklyn and I could have stayed on the Ferris Wheel all day, but there was a long line, and we weren’t selfish.  Brooklyn ran off to find her ball, and I went to the food stand. I bought cotton candy, ice cream, fried dough, and funnel cake.   Gizmo came over, and I split the food with her. I think we two Yorkies ate more in food than our combined weight. We had to lie down for a half hour to recover.

I met Brutus at the Duck Pond game. We tried to win several times then we began to think the schnauzer running the game was not on the level.  We attempted ball in the basket game too, but neither of us could get the ball high enough in the air to find out if the games were honest.

I ran to the roller coaster and got in the front seat next to Ruger. He was holding on to the front bar, drooling.  He told me that he had been on the ride for a half hour and refused to get off.  After one time of going high in the air and rushing back down, I left the ride to Ruger.  It wasn’t my cup of tea. Or my cotton candy which I upchucked, getting some on Ruger, who has always been a good sport.

I saved the freaks tent for last.  I met Sandy on his way out. I expected to see him happy, but he looked troubled.  When I inquired why he said that some of the freaks were kept in cages, and others were being watched over.  This couldn’t be right. I walked into the tent. Dogs were running around barking nervously.

I walked over to the Bearded Lady and asked her why she was with the carnival.  “I was in the carnival during my mortal life, and just continued to do so when I got here, we all did.”  She swept her arm at the other freaks, a word I liked less and less.

“Why don’t you just walk away?” I asked.

“Where would we go?  Even the nice people stare,” she lamented.

“You can all come live with us,” I said.  “Doggyspace takes everyone. We have humans, cats, squirrels, we even just took in a snake.  You wouldn’t be freaks with us. We are all different. Some of us have beards, some are tall, some are furry, some are bald, and all are welcome.  Just walk out with us.”

The bearded lady asked us to give her a moment; then she met with the wolf boy, the tattoed man, the strong man, the Siamese twins, and others.  When she was done, they all walked out.  The alligator, who was in charge of the tent, because no dog that loved animals would take that job, snapped at them to stay.  I announced that I, Judge Foley Monster of the Fourth District at Rainbow Bridge, had told them they are free to go.  The humans cheered.
Sandy and I triumphantly walked out of the carnival with our new friends. They happily moved into Doggyspace where they were accepted, and no one stared at them.

Because, as humans should know, dogs don’t care what you look like, but how you act.  I wish humans were as understanding as dogs.


  1. Bravo for the save and yes, humans sure should learn that lesson.

  2. Good job. Too many animals don't have good lives in the circus/carnival. You were good to lead them to safety. But if we got a chance to visit a carnival, we would love to have those same foods you tried - cotton candy, funnel cakes, fried dough, and ice cream!!! They all sound wonderful.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. "he schnauzer running the game was not on the level." As the Mom of a total of 4 schnauzers during my life, truer words were never spoken. Except, of course, for your last line. :)

  4. Maybe someday humans will advance.


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