Sunday, September 29, 2019

Thor Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

The longer I am at Rainbow Bridge, the more friends join me. I wonder if it will ever stop. I see families tragically grow from one dog to two, then three, and now, when Thor joined Brutus, Hans, and Bailey, four.

Every dog, before coming to the Bridge, learns the reason why they will pass, so they can, if possible, extend their time on the mortal side. For Thor it was lymphoma, He stayed with them for every second he could, and then he gave his parents the signal that it was time. Having lost three boxers in the last few years, his parents knew how to read the signals.

When a dog is well past their Rainbow Bridge due date, the repo angels come for them. If the dog still refuses the repo angels add to their burden. They struck Thor with colitis which caused him to produce bright red stools. His parents gave him medication, but the illness was another brick in a rapidly growing wall.

The repo angels then took his appetite. This is usually their last move. Without sustenance, Thor could not fight off the illness. The combination finally caused him to signal his parents that his ride was here and it was time to join the Boxers Rainbow Bridge and make the trio a quartet.

The kindly vet came to the house to aid Thor on his journey. His little sister Lola did not want him to go. She paced the house, and, when it was over gave her brother a final.kiss as he was brought to the car.

Thor left his house full of magical memories. His wet kisses after drinking a bowl of water, his trying to steal his sister's food, his white feet which inspired the name sugar toes, his gentle breath as he slept in the big bed next to his parents, and his protectiveness. He left behind broken-hearted parents who realized they are blessed to know him.

It is an advantage for a new angel to have been preceded to the Bridge by three siblings. Thor had so many dream visits he knew more about the Bridge than I did. He did not show emotion nor confusion when he crossed over. He waited patiently to get the oath and be fitted with his detachable wings.

Thor walked over to Hans, Bailey, and Brutus. He dropped his head, and then they ran, laughing and barking with each step. I have seldom seen four boxers so happy.

Thor has already been back to visit his mom, and Lola, in their dreams. Lola is lucky. Unlike humans, she can remember these dreams dates. She still misses her brother, but knowing she can see him in her dreams does make it easier.

While there is no guarantee that their mom will remember their visits having four rambunctious boxers in her dreams is enough to give anyone restless nights.

Brutus, Thor, Bailey, and Brutus are the first quartet of friends to come to the Bridge. I know there will be more. The boxes have set an excellent example for those who will follow.


  1. Thor is happy with his siblings, waiting for Lola and his pawrents. Have fun, Thor!! You were a special boxer!

  2. We didn't know about repo angels. We always learn something new.

  3. We are glad that Thor had quite the sib welcoming committee waiting for him.

  4. My ghostwriter says that there is a certain look that doggies give you when it's their time. It's unmistakable! So sorry to hear about Thor.

  5. Glad you are with your sibs Thor. ((( hugs )))

  6. it#s good to be not alone...and to be with your siblings now furever is a sweet thing