Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Momma June Joins Ruby Rose at the Bridge


From the time Ruby Rose arrived at Rainbow Bridge less than a year ago she has been very secretive.  One of her goals was to build a home overlooking the river that exactly resembled her one on the mortal side.  She spent all her time managing the minions so the home was precisely like she remembered.  We thought she was doing this for herself but this week we learned differently.

I got a text message from the human angels saying that one of their souls had chosen to pass over at the dog section.  This was very exciting news.  One of our lucky friends would be reunited with their mom.  When a dog is at the Bridge you desperately want to see them again but when the news of their pending arrival is told to an angel it is received as a double-edged sword.

It is our duty as dogs to make sure that nothing bad happens to our parents.  When a dog becomes an angel they get special abilities to protect their people.  The responsibility to take care of a human is a full-time job.  But that is okay.  We are immortal for eternity, we have lots of time to kill.   So why not invest it in protecting the ones who love the most?

All parents come to the Bridge eventually.  But we dogs still feel like failures when they do.  It is like having your favorite team lose the Super Bowl but you made money because you bet the under.  It is bitter-sweet in the extremist.

When Ruby Rose found out her mom would be joining her at the Bridge she was not as upset as I expected. Ruby said she knew for some time that her mom June would be following her. That is one of the reasons why she left the mortal side. She needed to fix up her true forever home.  Her Mom had been very ill before Ruby passed.  The little angel did give her more time but her mom's quality of life was nil.  For Ruby, it was both joyful and a relief to know her mother would be joining her.

When June crossed the Bridge Ruby, plus all the people and animals she had loved in the world were waiting.  She looked frail as she slowly made her way over the Bridge.  But with each step, she became younger and healthier until she had fully crossed over and was the young woman who walked the Earth in her 20s.  Any regret she had about her passing was washed away with the pain, illness, and old age.  When she saw her angels led by Ruby the woman who had been bed-bound just a day before ran up the stairs happily to join them.

Then I witnessed one of the happiest reunions I have seen in quite some time.  While June was overjoyed to see all her loved ones and gave hugs and kisses to them all her hand never left Ruby's head as their unbreakable bond continued into a new life.

I have seen Ruby and Jane taking long walks at the Bridge, exactly as they had on the mortal side, except there was no pain or fear: Just love.  It is all that is allowed here.


  1. that is so sad... but to be at a place where love rules is a comfort...

  2. Dear friends, thank you so much for your comfort on my page about Spitty. He is a much loved mancat of Angel Admiral and me. Our adventures and romances have been told many times by he and his other lady cat friends. Learning of Angel Ruby and her preparations for his Mom, Jane, is a moving testimony to the love between parents and fur children. It is strong and it is unending.
    Thank you Foley Monster for thinking of us and tending to our grief. XO

  3. So sad for both Ruby and June to have passed, but what a joyous reunion!!! We can just see the big smile on June's face and in her heart.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. We are sad to read about June's passing but how wonderful to feel the love of them being reunited.

  5. We are so glad the Ruby Rose was there for her human! THis one was so poignant.


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