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Monday Question


We are waiting for Pocket to come back and she will join Foley on our Remembrance Table where she will stay until Mommy goes to the Bridge, then she and Foley will join her mom.

What have your parents done for either your remains or in tribute?

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  1. we have such a place on our chimney mantle.... so we all are still very close....

  2. Our Angle Little Bit was cremated and place in her urn. On our fireplace mantle there's a tribute to her. Her first toy, a package of her favorite treats, her collar and tags and many condolences cards when she went to the bridge. We visit it often.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  3. We have a spot on the shelf where we keep the ashes of our three angels, Charisma, Ginger, and Joey. Around these, we have photos and a few little statues and squeaky toys, plus their old collars.

  4. We have our memorial garden where each angel has a name rock. Their ashes are all in beautiful wood boxes on shelves above the pawrents bed. Mom says all will join her when she goes to meet them at the bridge

  5. The PO'M's urn is on the shelf opposite my home desk, so I can look at him all day. The ashes of another feral Sammy are with him. Chuck and Angel's boxes are downstairs, in the dining room up on another shelf.

  6. There have been too many of us to keep on a shelf so Mom and Dad found a lovely pet cemetery near us. Most of us have been cremated and our ashes spread at the cemetery. However Samba, Morgan and Fudge reside in the bottom drawer of Mom's bedside stand. When Mom goes to the bridge they will all be combined with her ashes and tossed to the wind, preferably over water. They will all be together forever.

  7. I have a "garden"; different areas surrounding the house, where the cats are given a memorial "flower" and one of their favorite toys buried under that flower's roots

    dude has been gone since 2008 and I buried his catnip toy
    under his flower. to this day, fresh leaf catnip grows there every spring... there must have been "seeds" inside the toy, and when the fabric disintegrated, the seeds took hold ♥♥♥

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