Thursday, December 16, 2021

Maggie and the Wolf



My friend Maggie now lives in Arizona with her new mom Kate, while her first one,  Laura, is with me at the Bridge.  Maggie was very excited that she was living somewhere new and decided to sneak out the door and examine her new living space.

She was in the backyard when a wolf approached and announced that he wanted to eat her.  She ran inside and told her remarkable brother Pokey, who was in his 16th year and going strong, about the threat.  He refused to help her, stating that he had reached an advanced age by not messing with wolves.

She prayed to her mom, and, knowing that I am an expert animal angel, Moma Laura asked me for help.  I have been studying wolves for a long time, and they are both very vicious and dumb, and the latter could work for us.

I floated down and told Maggie to make a big dinner for the wolf.  She didn't understand why, but she got a message from her mom to listen to the Yorkie.  She grilled up four steaks and called for the wolf.  When it appeared, Maggie said she was ready to be eaten, but first, she wanted to know if they could share dinner.  The reluctant wolf agreed.  

The steak was delicious, and when he finished, the wolf was no longer hungry.  He went home and told his dad about the steak dinner he ate. His dad was disappointed, telling him a true warrior killed his food.  Desperate to please his dad, the wolf devised a plan to trap Maggie.  He planted beans outside her window.  When the stalk grew high enough, he would climb up it, sneak into Maggie's room, and eat her.  

Maggie found the beans and replaced them with poison ivy seeds.  When the plant grew as high as the window, the wolf began climbing it, but soon his paws broke out in a painful itch, and he fell off, then ran into the woods to lick his poor feet.  

His disappointed father told him he was getting one more chance at a kill.  Once he was healed, he went back to Maggie and told her he was there to eat her.  She offered him another steak, and the wolf said he couldn't take it; his father would be mad if he didn't kill his food.  

Maggie said she knew he was not a killer, and let him have the steak, then had him lie down, and she listened to the wolf's problems with his father.  Maggie said his father would appreciate it if he stood up to him.  The wolf took her advice, and when he got back to the den,  explained to his dad that he was not a killer.  The senior wolf told him he respected his decision and vowed never to kill either, as long as the little dog kept giving them steak.

Everyone ended up very happy, except Moma Kate, who kept wondering what happened to her steak.


  1. Who wants to go to da work of killing when there's a free steak dinner?

  2. that was a very clever idea to tame da wolf with steaks... although that is a high prise said our stomach...

  3. Glad the read that Maggie won't get eaten!

  4. We're glad there are no wolves around here. We do get the occasional sighting of coyotes and bears.


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