Monday, December 27, 2021

Monday Question


What was your favorite gift, or memory from this Christmas?


  1. I got a blanket which is the first one I got just for me. I like to lie on it when Mommy gets breakfast.

  2. We got treats, catnip and a new wand toy that Marv has dragged of and hidden already! Cinnamon got a bully stick and she is one happy camper!

  3. I got a new cubby to go into or on top of ... mine mommy says January 6 is "little Christmas", so I'll show it you on that day ...

  4. We all got beef rib bones. I can still hear Chia chewing hers. No, really, she's still chewing on it. XOX Xena and Lucy

  5. My favorite gift (remember I'm a 2 legger) was GOOD health!
    And all my blogging friends which are the gift that keeps on giving.
    Hugs cecilia

  6. I love all my brothers around! And I got so much attention.


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