Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thankful Thursday

 Every night when we go to bed, no matter what has happened, for good or bad, Daddy says that any day that ends with all of us in bed together, safe and healthy, was a good day.

I thought that would always be true. Then in August, Pocket went to the Bridge, and there were only three of us. But, Daddy said the same thing, any day that ends with us in bed together is good, even if we the souls on the big mattress. 

I am thankful for the big mattress, where we retreat every night and know we are safe. It has been a tough year, with lots of loss and fears. But, tomorrow night, I will climb into bed with my parents and know that it has been a very good year because we are all there.  


  1. We do have so much to be thankful for...and have reminded ourselves of that many times over 2021

  2. Yes indeed. Your dad is right and that's a wonderful way to end each day.

    Have a fabulous day and a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. ♥

  3. It has been a tough year, but it is so good to have our families and the love we share...happy new year to you!

    Rosie and Redford

  4. May all your days in the New Year end on the happy bed with that happy night ... together!

  5. Life throws a lot of stuff at us but we just keep moving forward because that's what we do. Have a good next year.

  6. Being together is the most wonderful thankful and a purrfect ending to any day! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. Your Dad is right, River. We're all here in bed together (except Riley who is in his bed on the floor) and we count that as a good day. We're only sorry that Pocket is no longer in your bed in her corporeal form. Wishing you a good new year.

  8. River, our angels are the spirit of our home as are your befores. Sending you loads of love!

  9. We had a lot of losses in the past year. But your philosophy about being together at the end of the day makes things better. Happy New Year!


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