Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday Question


Sorry, but this is just for dogs unless you are a cat who walks on a leash

What is your walking style?

Do you pull hard on the leash?

Do you zig zag and pull your parents into a tree?

Are you a sniffer?

Do you walk perfectly and don't pull on the leash?

Do you do something else?

Let us know

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  1. I am a sniffer. I can stop, stand, and sniff for hours. I love pee mail

  2. I Cinnamon did have terrible leash skills. I lived here in Midway with Dad and he did not take me out on a leash! Mom has been working with me for 3 years now and I am pretty good. I will heel, but I bark when I see other dogs or Mom is talking to people. I am like YOU, I LOVE sniffing Pee Mail (and the culverts the Raccoons hang out in).

  3. I am a sniffer. And a 'marker' too.

  4. da nelly is a full speed ahead torpedo and da phenny is a backwards driver, to escape from the they said: get a dog, it's fun ;O))))))))

  5. river...bak in de day oh de food servizz gurlz yooth; her gram paw hada rottweiler.... unlezz ewe had de strength oh iron man, ewe just went a long with de flow !!! :) ☺☺♥3

  6. Lightning: I walk pretty well until I see a biker. Then I need to turn and pull Mom home as fast as possible. I do like to sniff. And I do a lot of zig zagging behind her legs.

    Timber: I do like to pull, but I wear a Gentle Leader that keeps me somewhat in line. But if I see a squirrel, a rabbit, or one of the vulture turkeys, all bets are off. I am definitely a sniffer, but not a zig zagger. I like to be straight out in front.

    Misty: Of course, I am the perfect child. I do not pull (barring the appearance of a wild critter). I also like to sniff but I keep moving along. No zig zagging. The one thing I DO like to do is walk on both sides of the street. If we head down on one side and then turn around, I insist that we cross the street - who wants to sniff the same sniffs a second time!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Chester likes to pull on the leash, and sniff everything. But he's gotten better now that he's older. He still barks whenever he sees someone.