Thursday, April 14, 2022

Poetry Thursday


 Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have assigned those in Blogville to test their poerty skills using this picture for inspiration.

Mama, Daddy, and their little boy on a pleasant drive
"You missed the turn, you ran a light, do you want us all to die?"
Daddy kept his hands at ten and two 
As he was taught to do
But the criticism would not relent
"You are going too fast, you are going too slow, you scraped a car and left a dent."
In their back the little boy giggled
Despite his mom's yelling his belly got a tickle
But when he saw their destination he knew what was what
They were going to the vet to cut off his nuts. 


  1. how great that we all have eggs-periences at that front hahahahaha

  2. Oh no! I have just had a horrid glimpse into my future...

  3. I'd say that was a fun poem but I'm sure fun isn't the right word, ouch!


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