Sunday, April 10, 2022

Introducing Tinkerbell


Since her beloved husband Rudy went to the Bridge, Mama Linda's angels Tiara, Trixie, Lovey, and others who preceded them to the immortal life in conjunction with their Dad have been trying to find ways to ease Momma Linda's insurmountable grief. 


Their choices seemed limited to dogs. People are not like animals. When you lose a human, you don't go to the rescue and pick out another unless you're on Tinder, the human equivalent of a dog pound full of desperate animals. 


Tiara had another idea. She heard her Dad say that their Mom had always wanted a cat but could not have one because he was allergic. "I think mommy would like a kitty," she announced to her pup angels. 


"Are you crazy?" Trixie asked, "It was bad enough when you suggested a boy dog. Now a cat? I can just imagine how Teddy will react."  


"I will visit him and explain that it will make mommy happy,"

Tiara explained. "He might not like it, but he has sworn to make her happy, so I am sure he will adjust.


"Can we at least confirm mommy wants a cat?" Trixie asked. "Daddy could be mistaken; he is probably still suffering from Angel lag."


They crammed into their Mom's dreams and confirmed that their Mom and then did the same for Teddy and Tashi; both balked but begrudgingly acquiesced when they were told a cat helped their Mom. 


I was not surprised when Tiara and Trixie knocked on my door for assistance, but I was when they said they wanted Pocket's help because she is better with cats. I swear my sister identifies as a feline: Her pronouns are kitty and pussy, the latter especially when it thunders. 


She introduced the angels to cats who could help them, and soon they located the perfect kitten in a local shelter and dream urged their Mom to visit with donations. While there, Momma Linda was struck by an Angel inspired question and asked if any kittens were available. There were two siblings that a couple was considering adopting until Tiara popped into their minds, pointed to her choice for their Mom, and used an Angel mind trick, telling them," this is not the kitty you are looking for." When they only adopted one Momma, Linda got the chosen one and gave her the adorable name Tinkerbell. The only downside to the name is that the kitty can't be brought to grade school show and tell in Florida because you can't mention fairies there, not even the dog kind. 


When Tinkerbell entered the house, Teddy fell in love and followed the cat-like he was Mary's Little Lamb. She is not crazy about barking dogs and chooses to hide when one does, but she will learn. Tinkerbell's addition to the family was almost perfect. 


Tinkerbell's addition to the family did not end Momma Linda's grief, but it eased the condition. When it comes to sadness helping a little is a lot 


  1. that was so sweet to send tinkerbell to heal a broken heart...

  2. There is no healing, but a renewable of love, and Tinkerbell is a doll-baby.

  3. tinkerbell ewe iz one gorgeouz gal and we wood like two say on bee half oh all anipalz...welcome two yur for everz home and best fizhez two ewe ...dawgz iz act shoo a lee aye oh kay....bee in dawgz and all ;) ♥♥

  4. Tinkerbell is so beautiful and we know she is up to the task at paw!

  5. Such a pretty kitty and with so much love to give....and receive.


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