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The Scarecrow


Sometimes Pocket will join me on my morning walks. Honestly she was my favorite walking partner. She is smaller and doesn’t try to pull me away from my sniffing. We walk with our tails high confidently showing our beauty for the Bridge to see. 

One of my favorite spots to sniff is the big field where we grow our crops. It is a popular spot for pee-Mail, and we can smell the food as it grows. Its like sniffing dinner then seeing a show. 

In the middle of the field is a scarecrow. It looks at us forlornly as we sniff and pee. I might give it a glance but Pocket stares at it. Finally, I asked her why. 

“The Scarecrow looks lonely,” Pocket said. 

“How can it be lonely when there are so many birds on it?”  I asked. 

“Maybe it would like some friends it could visit. To sit down and have a meal and mostly to get out if the garden.”  

I told Pocket to leave the scarecrow alone. She didn’t know why it was a scarecrow. It could be dangerous. Pocket scoffed and said “all right” in a manner I knew meant it was anything but.  

So I was not surprised when I awoke the next day to find the scarecrow sitting on our sofa. “Pocket, I told you not to let the scarecrow free.”  I admonished her in my most admonishing voice. 

“ It's fine,” Pocket promised. “He just needs a day off. I’ll make sure he’s back in the field tomorrow.”  

Oh I was wary of our new guest. But he did seem to be very pleasant. He lay on the floor and let us climb on top of him. It was so comfortable to lay down on his belly full of it hay. We all fell asleep and had the best nap ever. 

Mr. Scarecrow seemed like the perfect guest . He didn’t eat or drink anything and he was more than willing to help us. He offered to go back to the garden at night but we said he could stay with us because it looked like rain. He was very grateful. 

The Scarecrow said he would stand guard in the yard so nothing bothered us in our sleep. I have to admit it was the best snooze I had except for the dream that I was a pumpkin being shoved in a sack. 

I woke up to the feeling of rain on my face. Then I realized someone had tied me to the bed. When I open my eyes I saw it wasn’t the bed at all. I was now in the field in place of the scarecrow. . A bird landed on my paw and said “look everyone it’s a Foleycrow!”

I realized we had made a terrible mistake. 

To be continued.


  1. Oh dear. Oh no. Shall we come back for the next chapter ... or not?

  2. Now I can't wait for this one!!! WHAT a double cross!

  3. But where's Pocket? Those scarecrows can't be trusted, ever, unless they come from the land of Oz. Wait! That's also from over the rainbow. You must have found a rogue. There's one in every crowd (or field). XOX Xena, Lucy and chia

  4. I must admit I didn't see that plot twist coming! You certainly kept my interest along the way. Very imaginative!

  5. Dang, that really is some mistake, I hope all is okay soon.

  6. OH dear being tied to the bed would be horrible here as there is always a need for a 2 am loo visit
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Hi friend, Ojo here! A cliffhanger!! Nooooooo!!!

  8. deer cod foley......thiz iz like a nite mare noe matter de time oh day...bass turd burd....

    one = ten dozen.....

    frank lee we feel MOST sorree for scare crowz...

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