Thursday, April 28, 2022

Poetry Thursday


   Angel Sammy and Teddy gave us this photo as inspiration for Poetry Day

We have to go the doctor's today Timmy his mom said

Timmy didn't want to so he hid under the bed

By the time she got him out they were late

Which was terrible news since doctors have so much on their plate

They sat in the waiting room as time passed by

Timmy was so bored he wanted to sit and cry

His mommy saw the hobby horse and told him to give it a ride

And he liked it so much he stayed there for all the time required

Minutes became hours which became days

While Timmy kept riding away

Until he was finally seen for five minutes and sent home

They had been there longer than the rise and fall of Rome

They had been there so long they had greatly aged

And from their seats they could not get unengaged

His mom had no choice but to drag him home

He rode his pony, now with white hair on his dome

A trip to the doctor is now so full of strife

To get in the exam room you have to waste your life. 







  1. Hmmm. We fear Timmy would be looking even older had he been using the National Health Service in the UK...

  2. hahaha we love that poem... we know such a timmy too LOL

  3. Sometimes, the time spent in the doc's waiting room DOES feel like centuries!

  4. bravo river ...bravo !!!! anda happee week end two ewe all :) ♥

  5. Oh yea, that was a goodie, you nailed it!


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