Friday, November 25, 2022

Friendly Fill-Ins

 It’s Friday and time for Friday Fill-Ins.  The original post is in black and my answers, the views of a one-year-old Brussels Griffon are in red.    \

1. I would like a personal pan pizza of my own.  
2. On Black Friday, I am persuading Mommy to buy me one of everything, including a personal pan pizza.. 
3. For me, the holiday season begins when I hear the 50th different version of "Christmas Baby Please Come Home." I've been home for two days, you would notice if you would stop singing so loudly. 
4. If I won a large sum of money, I would buy a personal pan pizza.


  1. Sadly I can't have pizza cause I can't eat cheese (or any dairy), so you'll have to have one for me!

  2. Pizza is a good choice after all the turkey on Thanksgiving day!

  3. Hi friend, Ojo here! Do you bark along with the music? While eating your personal pan pizza?


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