Sunday, November 20, 2022




When I first took the position as Rainbow Bridge judge and administered the oath to new arrivals, many of them were friends I knew from the mortal side. Next year will mark my 10th as an angel. Now, I administrate the oath to dogs with closer relationships to River and Pocket than I. Dogs need to be into their senior years for us to have been mortal friends. This week, I swore in one of my oldest and best friends, the regal and loyal Rosco.

In the past, souls transitioned to the Bridge, and their arrival was attributed to old age. The latest generation of humans finds the need to label everything. They have many terms to define why an elder passed over, and they add up to old age.

Rosco crossed over the Bridge due to old age. His next birthday would have been his 17th, quite a record for this vicinity. If only the length of life lessens the sorrow when a dog goes to its final forever home to watch over and wait for the ones they love.

When his grieving parents decided his daily existence wasn't worth the pain Rosco experienced, they made the hardest decision and sent their baby to the next world. They took on his pain, suffering, and guilt over his departure. Those lingering feelings of regret dogs have when passing is why so many parents feel guilty after doing the right thing for their dog.

In his last-minute Rosco was allowed a sweet piece of chocolate, a final treat for a beautiful dog.

Rosco's sorrow was taken on by his parents when he passed, which was why he happily ran across the Bridge onto Enzo's escalator and then to Hobo's landing with his tail wagging and a bright smile on his face. He would feel sadness over the passing soon enough, once the initial glow of his arrival passed, but for now, all his pain, suffering, and despair was wiped clean like resetting a computer.

Rosco was delighted to see Tommy, Hattie, Lily, AJ, Sabrina, Max, Pokey, Toby Pocker,  Tashi,  Tiara, Hobo, and Enzo all waiting for him. They were the pioneering social networking dogs who paved the way for the millions of dogs with profiles on dozens of sites spread around the Internet. The powers that be granted him a star on doggy space Boulevard to recognize his importance. It was a fitting tribute to our friend.  

It is going to be a long cold lonely Winter for his parents. They are waiting for spring to add another pup to their home, knowing how difficult it is to train a puppy during the wicked winter.

This gives Rosco two advantages: first, he can take his time finding the perfect replacement. Secondly, he will be able to train in flying butterfly and bird bodies so, at the first sign of spring, he can visit his people and let them know he is still with them and waiting for that far, far away date when they will be reunited.

Until then, his parents will feel his warm presence by their side, hear his falls on the floor and see his ghostly fall out of the corner of their eyes.

For all survivors, there is no better time to get ghost visits than Christmas, when the magic happens.

While his parents have to suffer through months of the deafening silence of a house absent a dog, they need to know they will never be dogless because Roscoe is still there even when he isn't.

The angels who have been through the transition before will help Roscoe adjust to the Bridge, and the people who have lost beloved pups will help lead his parents through the dark forest of grief. In the end, there will be a pup personally blessed by Rosco.

May their love, friendship, and life last as long as they did with Rosco


  1. we will think about his parents...and we send some warm wishes of hope over to warm their heart for the waiting time till spring...

  2. Rosco may you find good health and a strong body OTRB.....hugs to your parents

  3. We send Rosco's pawrents healing purrayers and strength. Rosco will love being an angel! Purrs Marv

  4. I'm certain that Rosco will fine the purrfect pup when the time is right.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend Rosco. Prayers and hugs to his humans.

  6. Rosco you are deeply missed, dearly loved, forever in our hearts, we are sending hugs to your family

  7. Rosco will be so missed, after 17 wonderful years---and a new pup will help his parents smile again sometime soon.


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