Monday, November 14, 2022

Monday Question

 So many of my friends belong to seniors and empty nesters.

How often are you exposed to small children, and how do you react around them?

Can Pets Help Children Feel Less Anxious? - Georgetown Psychology                                

RUBY's ANSWER: Since I came to live with my parents I have only met a child once and I am intimidated about them. They are loud and clumsy. I prefer my humans old and clumsy.


  1. We are not around babies, infants, toddlers, or any kid under the age of 25 these days!

  2. The doggie in that pictures looks a lot like our angel, Old Charisma. She helped raise the four siblings in this house. The rest of us pups came along a few years after that. And then came the grand kids now that the four siblings are grown up. Chester loves the grand kids. He barks at the neighbor kids when they're outside. But if they decided to come in the house and visit him, he'd love that too.

  3. Our Angel Little Bit loved everyone. Kids, babies, adults and old people. She was a jewel.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Ruby Rose. ♥

  4. Half of us are fine with the young ones and the other half goes into hiding!

  5. we fear them... so we better stay away... but we are not dangerous.... once a little boy came and gave da nelly a hug like a bear ... the mama nearly collapsed but everything went well....

  6. I've only met a small child once and it was on walkies. I was curious and sniffed her from afar.

  7. My Water Dogs loved kids and were very good with them but Syd and Mac have never been around them. Syd shakes when she's around children and Mackey tries to escape.


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