Friday, November 18, 2022


Tashi was asleep when her father came for her. At first, she was not alarmed because Papa Rudy was a frequent visitor in her dreams. But this wasn't a visit.

"It is time." Pape Rudy said to his beloved little Shih Tzu baby; Tashi did not understand. "Your work here is done," Papa Rudy said.

Tashi protested. She still had much to do. Her mom had faced losing her husband, fracturing her leg, and getting COVID in the last. Tashi was mama Linda's heart dog, who made everything better, and Mama Linda needed her.

Papa Rudy sat on the floor near Tashi. "No one wanted to stay with your mom more than me," he explained. "But these bodies we are given don't last forever. It is sad when they wear out, and we transition to the immortal world. But it also ushers a new beginning which is happy. With no endings or beginnings wife would be predictable and dull.

"Do you remember the first day you came to live with us? How happy were we all? Or when your Tatiana arrived earlier this month. The ending has to occur for the happiness of beginnings to happen."

And then it was time for more endings. She said a mortal goodbye to her long-time litter mate and the long dog left in the house, Trixie, her kitty sister Tinkerbell, and the cat she only knew for a week but still loved Tatiana. She promised she would be back in their dreams soon. Then she took her Dad's paw in her hand, and they walked into the light.

Before Tashi knew what was occurring, she crossed the Bridge with her Dad. Before her, on the cliff, she could see Trixie, Tiara, and Lovey, along with all her parent's other dogs, waiting for them with huge smiles because a beginning was occurring.

As I gave my friend the angel oath, more friends were waiting behind me. Tommy, Hattie, Lily, Max, Sabrina, Ashton, Chelsea, Hobo, Paco, Pokey, Toby, Pocket, River, and scores. They all hugged, danced, zoomed, and licked on one another, celebrating their reunion. It was the beginning of Tashi's time as an angel, and it was joyous.

After a night of great cheer, Tashi returned to her Dad's house. She admitted while she had fun that night, she was still sad about being away from her mom.

Papa Rudy told her that whether you were a mortal or an angel, it was about balancing the joy of arrival with the sadness of departure.

Keeping those two opposite emotions in your heart simultaneously without letting one overtake the other is the key to mortal and immortal life.

Then Tashi snuggled down with Tiara, Lovey, Trixie, and their Dad, enjoying the first night of her new life.


  1. You just summed up the entire human journey, beautifully.

    "Keeping those two opposite emotions in your heart simultaneously without letting one overtake the other is the key to mortal and immortal life."

  2. Tashi's story is as beautiful as she was.
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. It is a delicate, yet difficult balance ~ as humans we must work hard to achieve it. As always, well said, beautifully written.

  4. The only thing that is bearable for us humans when our furry children leave us, is knowing that they are somewhere that is safe and happy, and that we'll see them again.

  5. There is not a dry eye here. What a wonderful way of explaining what happens when a beloved walks over the rainbow bridge. You are fabulishious! Purrs Marv (and Mom)


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