Thursday, November 3, 2022

Poetry Thursday


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My friends Angel Sammy and Teddy have posted this picture as inspiration for poetry Thursday.
here is our offering 



Tom was told women ran the house

And for all other things you ignore she who ears the blouse 

He was at a job from nine to five

And when he came home he wanted supper to promptly arrive 

He expected his wife to sit with him a night

One day he got angry and said her problem was not managing time

If all he had to do was housework he would be done 

And then we he got home make his time fun

She made a suggestion

She knew he would accept without question

For one day they would switch roles

And getting done early would be his goal

She came home promptly at five

To find him shaking like he couldn't survive

He begged for help but she would not give him a break

That he knew he had made a mistake

She sat down in triumph, right in the living room

While he continued to vaccuum

Never underestimate a woman's work

Especially if you are a privileged jerk






Wordless Wednesday