Sunday, December 11, 2022

Linda Diaz by Foley Monster

I have witnessed many celebrations when someone special crosses the Bridge, but I had never seen one like we had this week when Aunt Linda crossed over to receive her reward for living an exemplary life.

She had touched so many people and pets in her life that those that became angels, or were family to mortal souls who had their life affected by Aunt Linda’s kindness, crowded into tiny Hobo’s Landing to give her a welcome which would shake the entire Bridge.

Most people cross over to the human section, but it takes a just soul to be welcomed by dogs. There were thousands of pups holding signs signifying their love for her. The only humans were her family members, led by her husband Rudy, who had spent the last year building a castle for this and now awaited patiently to feel her hand in his and carry her home.

Around his feet were all the pets she had loved, led by Tiara and Lovey, her sad guardian angels; they could not provide their mom with a longer mortal life, but they were happy they could be with her all the time now.

As Aunt Linda passed, a path suddenly appeared between the Landing and her new mansion, Along the plants she had cared for in her life, happy to see her again burst with color.

Aunt Linda always strove to help people and pets, and she was forgiving, which she did when she became aware I said it as a joke, not realizing it was mean. Once I publicly apologized, she never raised the incident again. When the country split in two, divided by political beliefs, putting my parents and her on opposite sides, some people severed friendships. When Aunt Linda was told she needed to shun my left-leaning parents, she refused, lost some friends, and gained much more. She knew it was not our differences but what we had in common that define us.

I know the mortals will miss her kindness and how she was always there with comforting words or answers to questions. She always had time for a friend.

Suddenly, a rush of blue birds flew over us, the sun slanted in the sky, and we saw Aunt Linda, as none of us had, much younger and wearing her wedding dress. I looked at Rudy, and he was now in a tuxedo. I had the honor of renewing their vows in front of all the angels who loved them. Then they followed the path to their mansion home, followed by happy dogs nipping at their tail.

And for one brief moment, their love lit up our world.



  1. Oh, my condolences and sympathy to your peeps on this sad loss. You pups sure gave her an amazing welcome! ♥

  2. what a beautiful tribute to Linda she was loved by all in Tanner Brigade and will be missed by us all but we are happy she is with God and her beloved Rudy and Tiara and Lovey. Love, Dee, Dallas and Belle

  3. What a beautiful tribute. We are so very sorry for your loss♥

  4. Aunt Linda was a beautiful lady her smile surely lite a room.
    Sending hugs

  5. Big healing hugs on your loss. ♥

  6. What a lovely story! Sad that Linda had to leave her human family and friends, but happy she is able to be reunited with her husband and so many doggie angels.

  7. She was always an Angel, now she has her wings.

  8. That was lovely and fitting. Thank you Foley! Lisa and the Wild Ones


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