Thursday, December 8, 2022

Poetry Thursday


My friend Sam is hosting Poetry corner this week and he provided the picture below for inspiration


I was happily taking a nap
When sharp nails on my nose did slap
I saw a blur run by
And I did not ask why
I began chasing the perp
Who acts like a jerk
It ran down the hall to the door
Which mad me bark even more
Then he jumped through the opening
While, alas I did not stop running
Until I slammed through the door nose first
And then I feared the worse
My head was stuck
And I was S++t out of luck
I rested my head on the door mat
And said "I hate that fu___ng cat"


  1. Ruby Rose you have learned early that Cats who appear lazy have multiple weapons in their arsenal that rotate in all directions
    Hugs and giggling

  2. hahahahaha, that is an excellent poem!

  3. LOL BOL! We hope that doggie was able to pull his nose back inside of that little kitty door.


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