Thursday, December 22, 2022

Poetry Thursay


Happy Poetry Day 

 Our muse, Angel Sammy, has sent us this photo to inspire us

Below is our poem

The dispatch ordered: "Attention all cars"

And the radios were turned up from near and far

A car was swerving this way and that

Like it was driven by a straight from hell bat

Soon they were chasing the car down the highway

And it seemed the pursuit would take all day

The cops agreed the driver must be drunk

He didn't even notice when he struck a truck

Suddenly he turned and drove into a grove of trees

Disturbing a hive of bees 

The police followed with sirens screaming

Their hearts beating fast and hard they were breathing

The car finally came to rent near some pines

The car was surrounded by all the men combined

They yelled to the drive, are you drunk

Are you a punk

It Christmas Eve and you put us in a funk

The driver climbed out and expressed with glee

I am none of that I am just three.



  1. No need to follow the rules of the road when you are three years old!

  2. Well done and it is just the cutest photo..Angel Sammy has a talent for finding the best
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Bwahaha. All that chaos caused by a three year old. He'll have fun telling that story when he's older.


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