Thursday, December 1, 2022

Poetry Thursday

it IS POETRY THURSDAY AND HERE IS THE PHOTO THAT angel sammy provided to inspire a poem.  Below is my humble effort

Aretha could carry a dozen pots without any hands

She was the greatest pot carrier in the land

 She was humble about her ability

And she did not like anyone saying differently.

Then one day a film crew came to town

To interview the girls who wore pots like a crown

Soon she saw herself on the silver screen

And she began to primp and preen

Her friends grew jealous, calling her the queen

And complained that her fame made her mean

Until one day word came of a girl who could balance more

And soon she showed up at Aretha's front door

She lay down a challenge to take place that day

Aretha thought a win would be child's play

But she didn't make it six feet

Before her efforts ended in defeat

And she soon they all said

You can't carry pots when you've got a big head







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