Sunday, November 19, 2023

Foley's Tales From Rainbow Bridge: Welcome Julie


While I considered cats my enemy while I walked the mortal side, that was not my fault. I once tried to make friends with a cat and got bipped on the nose for my trouble. Bip me once, shame on you; bip me twice, and I will bring the fire of a thousand suns on you.

Two things have helped me soften my stance on cats: The first is living with them in harmony, which I  have done at the Bridge. I have even been invited by my friend Paddy to several cat parties (there is no party like a pussy part.) The second is the friends I have made in the cat blogosphere.

 One of those friends is a beautiful black cat named Julie. I enjoyed her blog. She lived a happy, relaxing life even after her mom moved.

Julie reminded me of my mom because they both suffered from breast cancer and recovered, but unlike my mom, it recently came to light that Julie’s cancer had returned. Her mom gave Julie the greatest gift, freeing her from the pain,, and the trouble of the mortal world. Julie had been in pain, and her mom took it all on herself. It was so overwhelming she could barely function.

Julie knew only one thing: this type of all-consuming sorrow. It was called Winnie.

The black cat did not know she was the key to saving a human because she had waited so long for a human to save her. Being five years old and homeless, Winnie’s prospects as a family cat seemed hopeless. But then Julie appeared to her in a dream.

 Julie knew her song was ending before her mom did, and she had begun scouting the local shelters for her replacement. Winnie, a cute and caring cat desperate for a family, seemed the perfect choice. So, when Julie passed, she went into her mom’s dreams and told her how to find her new best friend, Winnie.

The day after Julie's death, her mom, as if guided by an unseen hand, went to the shelter, found Winnie, and adopted her without question. Even though humans have been programmed not to believe in the miracle of angels, pet parents still retain a sliver of belief, which often saves them.

And that is what Winnie did. She did not wipe away the pain, but she made it slightly more manageable, which is the greatest gift an angel can give.

Meanwhile, Julie has a house by the river where she sits in the window daily, waiting for her mom to come to her final home, hoping she doesn’t.


  1. We all loved that sweetest Julie and we are so happy she sent sweet Winnie to her new life without hesitation. That's what Angels do.

  2. What a beautiful story Julie sending her mommy toget Winnie. Dallas and Belle

  3. What a sweet tribute to Julie and a wonderful welcome to her new home for Winnie.

  4. What a lovely post, my dear friend. I saw tears formin' in Peepers' eyes when she read it. They formed in mine, too. PURRS

  5. We are very, very sad that Julie went off to The Rainbow Bridge, yet knowing Paddy O'Malley welcomed her makes me feel better.


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