Monday, November 20, 2023

Monday Question


 Do your parents have plans for Thanksgiving and do the include you getting turkey?

My parents are going to Mommy'd brother's house in Plymouth
There are going to be about 18 people there
The average age of those attending will be about 87.
Plymouth is my dad's ancestral homeland.
His ancestors landed in Plymouth three years after the Mayfield.
My Dad's 12th great-grandfather was named Thomas Faunce.
He lived until he was 96.
In his last years, he was a church elder and business owner.
They were building a new pier
Thomas wanted it constructed close to his businesses.
He had his workers carry his in his chair to where they started working on the pier.
The men were about to smash a large rock blocking where they wanted to buiild.
Thomas ordered them to stop, and when questioned why, he said that it was the rock where the Pilgrims landed.
No one had claimed the Pilgrims landed on a rock, but Thomas was the only person in town who knew the original Pilgrims.
That, and Thomas being a church elder, was enough.
They decided to build the pier down by Thomas' properties.
They also decided to get the rock from the shore and show it off in town.
In 1696, there was nothing to do in God-forsaken North America.
They thought people would come to town from all over to see the rock.
They called it Plymouth Rock.
And it is still in Plymouth near the shore.
All due to my dad's family s ability to tell tall tales.


  1. Turkey will be served here but no kitties like it so it's up to two humans to eat the whole thing! Safe travels to your peeps!

  2. A good story is always better than the facts.

  3. What an interesting tall tale.
    We are doing nothing for Tbanksgiving 'cos it's obviously not celebrated in the UK!

  4. Mine Mommy's turkey-day is today, will let you know later if'n I get any. The only Plymouth I've ever heard of is a very very old one she told me she once drove, over a rock, too! Maybe that was a tall tale. BTW, it
    won't be long before she is 87 so can she come on Thursday, me too ... we have no other plans?

  5. wesadly dont celebrate... but we hope for a turkey anyway...

  6. safe travelz two yur pawrentz ruby and hope two cod yur knot
    given any burd ! 😼🐟💙‼️

  7. That is quite the tall tale, Ruby! I hope you get a bit of turkey and I hope I do too. I have been invited to my sissy's house for Thanksgiving☺

  8. We always get some turkey and some of the other dishes (stuffing, sweet potatoes and dessert). Yum!

  9. Yummy what a festive T'giving your family will have.
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Plymouth is one of Mama's favorite historical places!! We know your pawrents will have a great time!
    Sunny & Rosy

  11. We're having meatloaf on Thursday so no traditional Thanksgiving meal. We will not be giving our kitty any people food.

    Have a woof woof day and rest of the week. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. ♥

  12. What a great story! Happy Turkey Day!

  13. That really is a great story. Our folks had a traditional T-giving feast with a big turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry salad, butternut squash, pumpkin pie and frosted cheesecake. We got alligator. Lucy and me, we gulped it down, but Riley and Chia wouldn't eat theirs, so we're getting to eat it tomorrow.


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