Thursday, November 23, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday

They were married in May.

And on their way

To a delightful bed and breakfast

Just down the path from San Jose

They were shown the bridal suite.

Featuring a big bed with a new sheet

The man looked around and said, “Where is the bathroom?”

The man replied: “Its right outside the house, from the door, only a few feet.”

“It didn’t say in the brochure about an outhouse,”

Said the man’s new spouse

“Didn’t think I needed to,” the owner said

“Just knock on the door hard, it scares off the mouse.”

The owner then said, “So there is not a miscommunication

And I don’t want to negatively effect your celebration

But, I have one rule to be followed without hesitation

In the outhouse there is no fornication.”

The owner told them to enjoy themselves and left

The bride was bereft,

But her husband told her it would be fine

If they had to use the outhouse, they would be deft.

In the middle of the night, the bride had to pee

The man said he would accompany her, and she did agree

They went out into the cold night

As the grandfather clock struck three

They made their way to the outhouse door

And “I won’t leave,” the man swore,

But his bride had another idea

She pulled him in for a quickie, the owner warning she did ignore

She asked her husband to treat her like a whore,

And he asked himself what he was waiting for

They were going at it hot and heavy

When there was a big crack, they fell through the floor.\

When they didn’t come down for breakfast, the owner checked their room

And went searching for the bride and groom

He saw the outhouse had collapsed

And he knew they had met their doom

He called the dual police and fire station

And their bodies were found floating in poo and pee, a frightful combination.

As their bodies were recovered and lifted from the ground

The owner shook his head and said: “I told them in the outhouse there is no fornication.”


  1. omg that is more a "hiney" moon right? hahahahaha

  2. Perhaps they at least died happy?
    PS Gail is still laughing too hard to type...

  3. As always, your endings are unexpected and hilarious!

  4. OMDs to fall in the outhouse hole would make a smell tale of horror.
    I too always love your endings.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Next time, the newlyweds will listen to the owner☺


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