Thursday, November 30, 2023

Poetry Thursday



Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Hats, Bats, Shoes, Booze, Mountain bikes, Potpourri, Leather bags, Girlie mags, forty-fives

Everything your heart desires

All those things that you have been wishing

Are waiting for you in the last hours of Thanksgiving

For five hundred you can get a brand-new TV

Just costs a kidney, who needs to pee?

Buy four IPads get the fifth for free

If you can survive the mosh pit in aisle three

How about Pelaton, wouldn’t that be wild?

All it will cost you is your eldest male child

Computers, clothes, perfume made by Jimmy Cho

To get them you need to manage time like Doctor Who

What’s an elbow in the ribs when you’re getting such a bargain

A cappuccino maker is worth the kick keeping you from ever having a hard-on

Aunt Edna will love the velvet chiffon

You’re going to have to send it from jail, to get it you shivved Puerto Rican Juan

There’s a TV for sale with the biggest screen you have ever seen

The cost: An associate will remove your spleen

Think of all the savings on that pair of designer jeans

Twenty percent off it you lick clean the latrines

Bargains everywhere, what a show!

This ring will make your wife love you like Marilyn did Dimggio

All you need to get it is to give the manager fellatio

If you’ve read enough of my poems that rhyme was something you would know

The violence and greed are at the extremes

If people would think they would know our sales are specious

But the thing that most pleased\s us

Is the season is about shopping and not a kid named Jesus



  1. we agree!!! and sometimes we think mr. king saw it coming as he made his needful things movie...

  2. That's a great poem for that picture. Christmas shopping can be crazy!

  3. 'Tis the time to stay home not shop for sure
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Remember...Jesus is the reason for the season!
    Give love and mum says chocolate too ;)
    Purrs, Winnie


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