Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Suck day is here

Well it finally arrived, the day I dread every year: Suck day, the day Mommy goes back to work.

I knew it was coming. Pocket, so sweet, so innocent, she wouldn’t know if a herd of buffaloes were coming, but I knew. The days were a little shorter, the nights were a little colder, Mommy was complaining about have to go back to GD work a lot more.

We woke up this morning, spoiled from a four-day weekend of sleeping late, and when we went out, it was dark. I hate going out for my morning pee in the dark. When we got inside Mommy was already stirring, making the bed, and then hurrying into the shower. I looked at Pocket. “The jigs up!” I said. “Well get me a towel so no one can see it!” Pocket said.

Mommy was quickly out of the shower. She is always quickly out of the shower the first day of work. By the last day of work in June she will be in the shower for an hour and a half. Then Daddy went in and out of the shower so fast I don’t think he even got wet.

“Why are they going so fast?” Pocket asked.

“Mommy’s going back to work,” I said.

“Mommy doesn’t work,” Pocket scoffed. “Who is going to hire her, people who need to test recliners for sleeping positions with Yorkies?”

“And she wants to be a Senator!” I thought, and then I thought: “She wants to be a Senator. Pocket could take some of that stimulus money, put it into recliner testing for puppies, and Mommy could do the type of job she was born to do. Brilliant!”

“Pocket, when you’re elected Senator you could appropriate some stimulus money for Mommy to test recliners and she would never have to go back to work!” I said excitedly.

“Mommy’s going back to work?” she asked.

And she wants to be a Senator.

We did get some lap time, but it wasn’t summer, relaxed, no tension in the thighs lap time, it was anxious, twitching, I have to get up and go to work soon thighs. I hate those thighs. Then she was up to do her hair. She’s so unlucky. I go once every two months and my hair is beautiful.

Then finally it was time for work, and my lap of kindness was gone for the summer. I didn’t always sit with her, but it was nice to come down the stairs from the warm puddle of sun and see she was there. I am always happy to be on my blanket, and Pocket was in her crate working Mommy’s old blackberry with no batteries thinking she was drumming up Senate support but was only whittling down her claws. Soon we were both asleep, then popped up as we heard the door opening, and Mommy was home.

She did some chores but soon we were all in our recliner. I think Yorkie recliner tester is the job she was born to do. Who knows, maybe working a dead blackberry will help Pocket get elected and Mom to get her dream job.

I might be behind this Pocket for Senate thing after all.

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