Thursday, September 29, 2011

Foley fights for her intellectual property

Many of you may not know that Pocket and I were members of Doggyspace in the early days of the site. We had a difference of opinion with the owner and we had our tiny butts barred from the site left the site. Not to get into specifics, it's just that we stuck up for a friend, wrote a blog on our personal blog page that made the owner look like a senseless boob criticized the owner and we got barred. The former owner was a senseless boob did what he thought was right.

Anyhoo when we were thrown off left the site we also lost all the blogs we had written. I urge all my friend here to make sure they copy their blogs and save them because if you can't get on DS you can't get to your blogs.

Some of the members who have been here for a long time might remember one particular blog that we wrote. We became angry that female dogs had to share the same term with women who are not nice to people. Us female dogs are caring, loving, beautiful beings and should not have to share a term with selfish, mean women. Our blog proposed that female dogs, from this day forward, be known as lollipops,

On our Tanner Brigade site, and on our Foley Monster and Pocket Blog, we have been referring to female dogs as Lollipops for more than two years. Then I returned to Doggyspace and recently read a post where someone tried to post the word b-tch. Well the word b-tch does not come up. You know what does come up? Lollipop!

The new owners of Doggyspace may not be aware of this but I, Foley Monster, am the most respected dog lawyer in the country. I have got hundreds of dogs off from charges ranging from biting, to peeing, to chewing an entire couch. I am using this blog as a cease and desist order. The word lollipop in reference to dogs used on any web sits is the intellectual property of Foley Monster and may not be used without the express written consent of Major League Baseball or General Foley Monster. Since I don’t have a lot with intellect attached to my name I am ready to fight over this. If you do not I am going into my drawers, taking out my briefs, and throwing them in your big faces, and when humans get faced with my briefs they tremble like lollipops. Drat. There it is again!

I understand that your auto edit must use something to cover up the dirty words. May I make the following suggestions: Skittles, Gummi Bears, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Necco Wafers, Reese’s Pieces, Double Stuffed Oreos, Ho Ho’s., Ring Dings, Little Debbie’s, and All Day Suckers.

I have returned to Doggyspace in peace. I am not looking for trouble. But the word I picked to honor us beautiful girls who are so sweet and lovable and cuddly has now been turned by your auto edit machine into something that means the opposite. Please change it to one of the words I suggested and then I will be happy and content. \

If not then you are going to get my full lollipop on. Drat! There it is again. Pocket! Where are my briefs?


  1. ROTFLMTO! One of the many things I loved in the old DS days was the auto-edits. My fav? Subbing one gender slur with crazy-dog. LOL, or maybe the F word sub, which was even spelled wrong. *giggles* OH we had some good times on DS. I have been contemplating spending time there again, but I need some clarification from the new admins about their official opinion on dogs with outside blogs. The old admin classified Kol's Notes as a "business" and told me I'd need t pay for a business membership. If I can return as a pirate citizen, I just might. But no matter what, TB is HOME!

  2. After reading this post, as the youngest member of a family deeply infected with the legal gene [we need a telethon to help eradicate it...] I think that the widespread usage would be ok with you [as it was your initial goal to change the language] but you do want credit for the term usage and attribution. Correct? They should acknowledge and give you full credit. I am NOT a fan of any censorship as its exercise is wholly dependent on the uptight twit enforcing it. There are some dirty words that we do not use lightly at my house. VICK....HUNTE... being called a BB is a declaration of WAR. [backyard breeder] and we do refer the puppy mills as nazi mills...otherwise, censorship is a mute subject here. In so far as being called a bitch...My one and only answer has been... "If I am a bitch, I am one you can't afford on ANY level".


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