Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pup of the Week: Baby Chloe

Dogs, either on the mortal or immortal side of the Bridge, are angels.  When we are on the mortal side we provide unconditional love to humans.  We inspire smiles when our parents are blue and we always make them feel loved.  We are their servants on Earth.
When we pass over to the immortal side we become spiritual angels.  The task is much harder.  Our love is a spark forever lit in our parents hearts but it is often drown by waves of sorrow.  When our parents’ minds are clear in the moments just before sleep when all life’s drama falls away like sawdust our paws once again caress their cheeks and our bodies can be felt next to them.  But slumber is like an eraser:  All the memories of our return are wiped away when they awaken.
I have said that we dogs require nothing in return although I may have been modest in my claims.  We do demand attention, food and walks and our failure to curb our enthusiasm can be exhausting to the most devoted parent.
What we don’t require are angels of our own. But often we find them in human form.
The preface, now done, leads us to Baby Chloe who, before, during and after her ACL surgery found herself protected by three angels:  Her sister Angel Aran, who is an assigned angel, and her parents, who took the task of being Chloe’s voluntary angels so passionately that when Aran and I watched over them we could see a faint outline of wings on their backs.
They began the day of Chloe’s operation as all worried parents do when their baby is in surgery:  While not praying, worrying, and incessantly checking that phones, of all shapes and manner, are working,  they tried to keep busy to abate the fear.  They received the call that Chloe did well and could come home soon and then they watched the minutes drag their way to the time Chloe return.
Once Chloe was home her parents made her comfortable on the floor.  They knew that we dogs become quite incoherent from anesthesia and Chloe’s Mom, and later that night her Dad, lay on the hard floor next to Chloe in case she either needed to go out or in her confusion tried to move and hurt herself.
The next day her Mom and Dad sacrificed their time so at work so one of them could be Chloe’s watcher during the day.  It should be no surprise to anyone that Chloe is a willful little girl.  She shook off the after effects of the anesthesia and decided to check out the fancy new scar she had scored.  Her parents were right there to stop her then take her to the vet for a fancier, and larger cone.
This morning Chloe was more her normal self if her normal self included a decorative cone and knee pain.  Her mother sat in her chair watching her sleep and counted her blessings that she was blessed with such a wonderful dog.
In her dreams Aran and I were visiting Chloe and discussing how lucky Chloe was to have two wonderful angels to look over her and take care of her.  Chloe asked me if there were more parents like hers and if so how can we tell who they are.
I assured there that were and we could easily tell who they are.  If they finished reading this blog then they love their dogs unconditionally and are qualify as human angels on Earth.


  1. Chloe is truly blessed to have such wonderful earth angels/parents. Wishing her a speedy and easy recovery from surgery.

  2. We are sending healing thoughts to Chloe and hugs to her earth angels!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We are adding our healing thoughts to Chloe and her wonderful humans.

  4. That brought back memories of laying beside us when we had our surgeries and were scared, our momma loves us so much. We hope Chloe starts feeling much better, stella rose


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