Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pup of the Week: Sarah Jane

Through history humans have accidentally provided dogs with many gifts.  They think they are discovering inventions for their own benefit but repeatedly these innovations profit their four legged angels.  Cars, refrigeration, air conditioning:  All created for humans but appreciated by dogs.
Arguably the invention that has most benefited dog?  The Internet.
I did not truly appreciate cyberspace until I crossed  the Bridge.  It was here that I encountered dogs who had lived with no access to the Superhighway.  Their friends were their neighbors, their family members, and if they were lucky dogs they met at the park or pup care.
I have hundreds of friends.  Years ago we were all gathered in the same cyberspace playground named Doggyspace and it seemed like everyone had thousands of close friends who they barked with everyday.  We look back on those days so fondly.  Maybe they weren’t as special as we remember but it sure seems like everyday was magic.
Like everything that is a little too perfect things spun out of control.  My sister Pocket and I got into trouble sticking up for a friend, we were shut out of our playground, started another group, and it seems like nothing was the same.
We lost track of some dear friends. Our parents would still talk on the Facebook but we rarely heard their barks.  
But I do recognize them when I see them.  Sadly the only time I see them is when they are bounding up Enzo’s escalator after crossing the River of Life to the Immortal side.  And that is how I renewed my relationship with Sarah Jane.
Sarah Jane was one of my first online friends.  A day rarely passed when we didn’t bark at one another.  But things change.  Our parents become busy.  We grow older, and tired, and have less time to play with our online friends.  The Golden Age of dogs ruling cyberspace had ended.  I have missed her, but never forgot her, and now are together again forever, albeit in the worst possible circumstances.
Sarah Jane took ill.  She was brought to the vet who diagnosed her with lymphoma.  Sarah Jane was sent home with prednisone and a prayer but neither were effective.  A few days later Sarah’s parents helped her to the Immortal side of the Bridge where there is no pain, and no illness, just an eternity of waiting until we are all together again.
Sarah Jane is back with her thousands of friends.  She has beautiful wings and an even more beautiful soul.  She also has many untold stories about her life that keeps us all enraptured. When she is not spinning her tales she is watching over her Mom.  
She is back with her friends.  Friends she made years ago on line thanks to the human invention.  
Thank you humans for giving me Sarah Jane.  We will keep her busy until the decades pass and we are all together again.


  1. What a sweet face Sarah Jane has!!! We think we would have liked her a lot too if we had met her. Soft woos and gentle hugs to her family.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Online friends are very special indeed. We like to think Angel Pip is having lots of fun with all his bloggie buddies at the bridge.

  3. We know how humans can get busy or even stop blogging and it makes it hard for dogs to adjust. That was a great storyl

  4. Sarah Jane looks she was a sweetie. Did you see Hazel's daddy Buzz??? He made his final journey last week. You can read about him on our post today
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Thank you for commenting on our blog (Calamity Acres) and I want to tell you how MOVING I found this entry. Thank you again!

  6. Friends we rarely meet in person but friend indeed. So many have touch our hearts Angel Pip with his Bucket List Tour could never be forgotten nor Angel Greta with her cancer ribbon give always every year. So many we remember.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. We are so very sorry to to hear she has gone to Rainbow Bridge. We'll be remembering her family in our prayers.
    Love, Molly and my Mom


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