Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pup of the Week: Waiting For Smoochy (Spoiler: He Didn't Arrive)

Yesterday morning I woke up early.  I pressed my favorite robe.  I checked my hair in the mirror.  I wanted to look perfect.
Somedays I don’t know who will be joining us at the Bridge, some days I do, and some days I have an inkling and on Saturday I had an inkling that my very close bestie Smoochy would be joining me by the end of the day.
Once I looked good enough to meet one of the most beloved buds ever I went to my post.  Other Angels had the same inkling.  Hershey, Brody, Benjamin, Smartie, Logan and Reba were waiting.  We silently nodded to one another.
We had known this day was coming for a long time.  Smoochy had several close encounters with the immortal side.  Brody remembered how Smoochy had choked on a ball but his arrival was thwarted by his Mom who removed the ball and revived him. Logan admired how Smoochy contracted Mercer, not once, but twice, and he fought off both infections.  We didn’t mention The Bridge’s final assault on Smoochy’s mortal life:. Inoperable bone cancer.  
And we waited.
Smartie said her wings were sore from flying so many prayers for Scooby and his Mom up to the Big Guy.  Prayers with a resigned edge.  We weren’t asking for a cure. Just time.  But we were happy to do it and would do it more if somehow Smoochy could have some more days.
And we waited.
We talked about the fun we had just a week before.  Scooby had two wishes that came true on Sunday.  One was to reach his tenth birthday, and the second was to get married to his beloved Raja in Scotland.  There is no denying a dog who fought off Mercer twice and survived choking on a tennis ball.  We shared our memories of that wonderful wedding (which I had the privilege of officiating)  how lovely Raja looked and how proud Smoochy was.
Then we told some secrets. The boys told us about the wild bachelor party that they gave Scooby and the girls talked about the wonderful night they had with Raja.
And we waited.
Then we talked about Scooby, how he was our best friend.  How he made us laugh, cry, embroiled us in great mysteries and fun adventures.  And of the unbelievably strong love between Smoochy and his Mom.  How brave Smoochy was, not wanting his Mom to see how much pain he was in. How much his Mom loved him and could not stand seeing him in pain.  Which is why we were here.  Because his Mom had to cut out her own heart, had to take on unbearable pain, had to send Smoochy to the Bridge so he didn’t suffer anymore.
And we waited.
We noticed it getting dark.  Brody motioned towards my robe.  I took out my phone and the appointment app said:  “Nothing scheduled today.”
I showed it to our friends.  And then we laughed.  He had done it again.  Somehow Smoochy avoided another Bridge Day.  We hugged one another and then we danced in a circle of joy.  We said goodbye and went home.
I put my robes away, put down my book, and smiled.  I don’t know what happened, or how many days Smoochy had left, but Smoochy did not arrive on this day, and that made it a good day.
(To find out what happened to Smoochy while his friends waited follow the link )


  1. Now that's a story with a spoiler that we all loved!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. We are not sure whether to be happy or sad but I guess if Smmoochie is happy, we will be.

  3. Whew, that is good news!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley


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