Thursday, March 3, 2016

River Song Great Escape II

The last time I updated you on my many adventures it was to inform you how I became the greatest escape artist in all of dogdom.  I had mysteriously escaped from crate and my parents had taken further measures to ensure liberation would be impossible.

I had a small amount of crate time the following Thursday.  I sensed it would be brief and not worth my extraordinary abilities.  But on Saturday I was crated again.  I knew Saturday cratings are lengthy so this would be my chance to see if I could escape from the newly multiple bungee corded crate with a weighted seat on top.

The bungee cord on the long side of the crate was higher than the clasp.  With my right paw I moved the clasp.  Then it was a matter of pressure and time.  I used my hard head and leg strength to push on the door.  It opened enough for me to get my head out and the rest of me followed.  Easy peasy.

When my parents got home I was  in the window barking at them.  Maybe there was too much pride in my bark because, after finding the side entrance I had used in my escape they decided drastic measure were needed.

Pocket’s crate was situated in a corner with a wall on two sides and a bureau next to it.  The only possible exits were upwards or forward.  But Pocket is not the escape artist I am and my parents realized that my crate should be placed in this spot taking away three of my exit points.  With the immovable weight on top of the crate my only possible escape point is forward.

Leaving nothing to chance my parents put Pocket’s crate right in front of mine which meant to escape I would have to move a crate full of Pocket far enough to get the door open.  My parents went out Wednesday.  I didn’t make an escape attempt.  I reconnoitered my situation.  

On Saturday we were crated again and I quickly got to work.  I did not escape and cannot reveal my techniques until I do escape but when my parents returned home I had moved Pocket’s crate, which had been flush against mine, six inches away from me.  When I make my escape I will let you know how I conveyed Pocket’s crate across the room with leaving mine..

But I will give you a hint:  Pressure and time.


  1. You should video it and send it to Funniest Home Videos. One family won $10,000 from a dog escape.

  2. River you are the cutest dog escape artist we have ever seen. You are a problem solver as was our Angel Greta - a smart little cookie fur sure
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. WE think you should TEACH A CLASS on how to ESCAPE!

  4. Just bide your time, they'll make a mistake and you'll be free again!

  5. Crikey River ..... you should give lessons. I've tried to get out of my crate and I can't do it. You must be VERY strong!

  6. Be careful or your peeps are going to videotape your escapes! You are an amazing escape artist!

  7. Well always remember not to get lost when you escape!


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