Friday, March 11, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Angel Aran and the Bad Anniversary

We don’t measure time here on the immortal side of the Bridge  When time never ends there is no need to keep track of it.  For those who have been here centuries time means nothing, but for those of us who still have loved one on the mortal side we measure time and dates as they do.
And humans on the mortal side always remember dates.  Happy dates like birthdays and gotcha days, and sad days like Bridge Days.
Angel Aran’s first Bridge Day anniversary occurred last week.  It was very hard on her Mom.  And when something is hard on your Mom, and you’re her Angel, it is hard on you too.
For the most part, if you ask me, anniversaries are damned things anyway.  Wedding is the only word that anniversary seems to modify for the better.  Every other anniversary seems to mark a national tragedy or sad event.
We were very glad to see the humans and dogs on the mortal side who rallied to give Aran’s Mom a kind and thoughtful word on this very hard day.  And we angels stayed with Aran to help her too.  She knew there was nothing she could do to help her Mom but she did concentrate very hard hoping her Mom could feel her love.
Anniversaries make the day they are commemorating seem like yesterday.  All those bad feeling you had on that bad day become fresh again.   Which made what happened the next day carry an even harder emotional wallop.
Chloe, the pup especially picked out by Aran for her Mom, either tore or detached her ACL.  With the reopened wound of Aran’s passing at the forefront of her mind Aran’s Mom now has to worry about Chloe.  She has been assured by many pups and parents that Chloe will be just fine and four months ago, or six months from now, she would take comfort in that but when bad news comes so close to a bad  anniversary the worst case scenario becomes the most likely despite all logic.
Chloe will have surgery Tuesday.  Hopefully it is far enough away from Aran’s anniversary that her Mom will be normally extremely worried instead of illogically extremely worried.
I conclude by asking for prayers for Chloe, and for her Mom, and for no mortal pups to become sick around anniversary dates because anniversary dates make things much worse.


  1. Thank you for telling us about Chloe and we are sending prayers and crossed paws. And yes anniversaries can be unhappy times.

  2. we will say some prayers for Chloe and her mom
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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