Thursday, March 31, 2016

River Song's Tax Return

It is that time of year again:  Tax time.  I hate doing my taxes but I don’t want to get in trouble with the government.  This year I decided to do the taxes myself and not go to H&R Bark.  Hopefully I have kept all my receipts and won’t get audited.  I am asking my friends to please review my return and let me know if I have done anything wrong.  Thank you.

For Tax Purposes Only

Last Name:  Song     
First Name:  River
Address:  Mom’s lap or bed.
Filing Status:  Unwilling
Dependents:  Mom.  Dad.  Pocket Dog
Kibbles:        63,145 kibbles
Treats:            2,190.00 treats
Banana slices        670.00
Apples slices          715.00
Carrot pieces         112.00
Cheese:                    51 slices
Turkey                     20 pounds
Chicken                 6 pounds
Belly rubs        937
Head scratches    1,719
Walks            289
Kisses            16,380
Hugs            14,212
Stuffies        36
Total amount        100,492
Adjusted Gross Income
Licks given        27,375
Smiles caused by    2,190
Laughs caused by     1,104
Snuggle hours        2,655
Health care expense    2,100
Day care expense    0.
Crate Improvement    38.00
Stuffie Insurance    100.00
Poop bags        57.00
Dental care        98.00
Training class loan    150.00
Total deductions          35,867

Total taxable income    64,625
Income tax withheld    0.00
Amount dogs are
Taxed according to
State of Fl v Hobo
Hudson        %0.00
Taxes owed        0.00

Well thank the Big Guy and Hobo Hudson that I don’t owe anything.  I have no spare kibbles except for the couple I keep hidden in my beard and a couple I leave in my gullet to regurgitate.  

I wish everyone else the same good result with their tax return as I had with mine


  1. this is moms most hated subject.
    stella rose

  2. We think your Laughs caused by should be way higher. You get five laughs whenever we read your posts. (The cat doesn't think you are funny.)

  3. OMD River Song.... you did the LONG FORM... That is amazing.
    We are glad that you don't OWE anythingy... Maybe NEXT year you can squeeze a reFUNd outta them.

  4. We think we might want to get hired by your firm - you sure do have a great income:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Oh no! We've never filed. Are we going to prison?!!

  6. Crikey ...... maybe you should try for a refund next year.


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