Friday, March 18, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Saint Annie

If there is one thing I learned waiting for Smoochy on Saturday it was that one day between  a dog and a human can mean everything.  I have heard so many parents say that they would give anything for one more day with their dogs.  And the dogs feel the same way.  And these dogs have a Patron Saint.  And her name is Annie.
Annie came to the Bridge in 2013.  She had been diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg.  After much deliberation her mother decided to let the doctor take her leg.  The doctor assured her Mom that all the cancer had been removed.  But a week later, just as Annie was learning to walk as a tripaw, it was discovered that the cancer had indeed spread.  Annie had to come to the Bridge.  When she arrived I asked her if it was worth losing her leg and learning to walk again for just a few more days with her Mom and she told me that she would have given up anything for one more day with her Mom.
I have not mentioned this before because I am very proud of being a Judge and also a little jealous.   There are angels, and then there are very special angels like Annie who become Saints.  This honor is bestowed upon angels by the big guy himself.  
Annie got her Sainthood by looking after all dogs who do not have four functioning legs.  Every day she flies prayers for them up to the Big Guy.  Even if they do not gain use of their legs her prayers help them learn how to walk on three legs, or with wheels, and keeps a smile on their faces even when moving forward is hard.
Annie also knows how special one more day is.  She flies prayers up the mountain for dogs asking for one more day.  She gets special meetings with the Big Guy to plead their case.  And for that reason the Big Guy has granted Sainthood upon her.
But this isn’t news to Annie’s Mom.  She always knew Annie was a Saint.


  1. I hope Annie is friends with the dogs of ours that have gone to the RB. She sounds wonderful.

  2. Awww, Saint Annie is very special indeed. Mom would give anything too to have a few more days with all of our angels - maybe even a few more years:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. A special dog - sweet Saint Annie
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Oh Sweet Annie, after Foley and Hershey and all My buds I will come visit you. Even though My leg is intact I can't use it so I consider myself a TriPaw. *hugs from this plane for now, until the day I can give them to you first hand Annie.


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