Friday, March 4, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Josie and the Power of Prayer

Have you said your prayers today?  If not take a moment and say them now.  I will wait.  I do have an eternity.
I hope you have said them.  They are very important.  There are times when they don’t seem to do much good.  Sometimes things are written.  If that is true then prayers can’t change the outcome.  But often the story is unfinished.  When that is the case prayers can very much change the result.
There are an infinite amount of angels here waiting for your prayers.  When we get your prayers we fly them up to the mountain to The Big Guy who makes every decision and holds absolute power:  Like Donald Trump if Donald Trump was nothing like Donald Trump.
This week we got inundated with prayers for our friend Josie.  She became very ill and was rushed to the doctor.  She had a high temperature, an elevated white count, and had not eaten, drank or gone potty for more than 40 hours.  The vet could not find the cause of her infection.  Josie was put on antibiotics and the only other treatment was prayer.
When prayers come here they do so in big clouds that rain down on us covering some of us, even the big dogs, completely.  We gather all the prayers in our wings and fly them up the mountain.   Sometimes a single prayer can do the trick, sometimes it takes a lot of prayers, with Josie there were thousands.
Angel after angel flew the prayers up to the top of the Mountain leaving them outside the entrance to the Big Guys’ office.  No one is supposed to enter although I have broken that rule more than once.  But I wouldn’t this time.  There was nothing more important to me than Josie getting better.
The next morning Josie’s mysterious fever was done and she had begun to eat and drink.  Her white count was still high and she needed more prayers.  People and pups, knowing Josie was getting better, showered us with ever more prayers that we gladly flew up the mountain.
By the next day we were exhausted but it was worth it.  Josie’s white count had gone down and her appetite returned.  She was sent home with some antibiotics and has been acting more like her old self thanks to all the prayers sent to us.
We laid down by the river to relax but we didn’t get too comfortable.  We knew soon there would be another dog who needed prayers, more clouds full of them would rain prayers down on us, and we would fly them up the mountain.  Hopefully with the same result.


  1. We agree that prayers are very powerful. We have even read about studies where doctors and vets can't explain how people and pups recovered except because of prayer.

  2. We know how powerful prayers are, but it sure makes us feel better to know your up there, with our angel babies helping them be heard. Hugs and Love stella rose

  3. Those were such powerful prayers... I'm so glad that Josie is okay.

  4. I am glad Josie is better too.. Thank you for telling us the story,, in case we ever forget.

  5. We are so glad the prayers helped Josie.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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