Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sue Sylvestro is our Mom of the Week

I don’t know if I am the right pup to be writing this because I did not have the honor, nor did my Mom, of knowing the wonderful human who recently arrived here.  We had the same friends, we belonged to the same groups, and we even talked occasionally, but, like that one person in the neighborhood that everyone knows but you have never really met neither my Mom nor I knew Sue Sylvestro well when she was on the mortal side, and we are both probably worse off for that.
Even sadder for me is that I did not know her pups well.  I barked at Diamond and Crystal but not as much as I should have, and I knew Spencer from his lineage as part of the Magnificent Seven Boston Terriers.   There was goodness, and purity on the mortal side of the Bridge and neither Mom nor I were able to bask in that goodness and now that opportunity is gone.
Sue, like my Mom, had terrible back problems.  Her doctor convinced her that her best chance at feeling better was to have back surgery.  Unfortunately it did not help her with her walking and led to several staph infections and the to a lung infection that ended up being the reason she passed over Rainbow Bridge and to the Immortal side of life.
The day Sue passed I saw one of the human angels who swears in new arrivals come to our Bridge landing.  Only the people who love dogs with all their heart come to our landing.  Then I saw many of my friends gathered waiting for her.  I asked who was coming and McKinsie told me it was Sue Sylvestro.  At the top of the landing a man waited for her.
It was her husband Carmen who had left the mortal side of the Bridge after a severe accident a few years ago.  They hugged for a very long time.  I could feel the tears getting stuck in my facial hair.  And then came her angels.  So many of them, running towards her, jumping in her arms, licking her face, tails wagging, wings flapping.  Mom and Dad were together again and we could all feel the joy.
Then they were shown their new home. It was immense.  But it needed to be because Sue and Nick are planning to take in many dogs who have never known love on the mortal side of life.  I am sure that the next time I venture by their house that every spot on the floor or on the furniture will be occupied by dogs.
Now that Sue has joined us the immortal side of the Bridge it has become a much better place.  We are very sorry for you on the mortal side, you did lose a great one, and your days will be a little darker until that day, many decades from now, when we are all together again


  1. Sending many prayers and healing thoughts to Sue's family. I am glad she has been reunited with her husband.

  2. Lee often says when she goes she wants to be with her pets and not the humans. Humans can be so cruel. Sending our sympathy to Sue's family.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. We are thankful that Sue was reunited with her loved ones.
    Pug prayers for her family
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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