Thursday, April 19, 2018

River Fights For Her Right To Chew Her Paw

What is the world coming to when a dog can’t lick her own foot.?
I have been enjoying some really good foot licking lately. It is my back left paw, one that’s easy to reach.  And it is mine. It isn’t a toy sent to me that I have to share. It is solely mine, and I should be the one to decide what I do with it.

Lately, my paw has been itchy.  There is nothing more satisfying than licking an itchy paw.  It is something we can do that only the most limber of our parents can match.  I am sure they watch us going to town on our paw and think “I wish I could do that.”

Last fall I was doing the same to my front paw.  My parent butted in and dragged me to the vet. They gave me medication that stopped the itching and the licking.  I understood their logic because I was limping. There was no limping this year and no need for parental interference.

Of course, that never stopped a parent.  Just the appearance of slight tenderness on my paw pad sent them into a tizzy.  Thankfully the vet, tired of my parents’ constant calls, agreed with me, that there was no need for a visit, but did prescribe the prednisone.
I should have refused to eat it, but the food is my weakness.  You could bury a burnt turd in my dinner, and I would gobble it down, so I took their pill.  As far as I was concerned the matter was closed.

But as soon as I began to satisfy my itch, I was yelled at:  “Stop licking!” Excuse me? Do I tell you to stop scratching and I have seen you scratching in some nasty places.  Even Shylock in a Merchant of Venice stated: “It we itch do we, not scratch? Shylock’s parents weren’t chasing him around Italy demanding he cease licking.

I have been taking the prednisone for a few days, and my urge to lick has lessened, but I still try only to be scolded by my parents who are now trying to control my bodily functions.  

My sisters lead the movement for “Freedom to Bark,” and now hundreds of dogs are barking their thoughts across social media.

Now I pick up their mantle, and I am leading the “Freedom to Lick” movement.
Itchy paws matter.

Stick with me my friends, and we shall overcome.


  1. Any dog who quotes Shakespeare should be allowed to lick in peace.

  2. Hey, if it itches what ya supposed to do?

  3. I NEVER get to chew my paws. Apparently, Finley took it TOO far.

  4. Hee hee! River, we are with you!!!!

  5. Joey dog used to lick his paws all the time. We think he just wanted to have the cleanest paws in the house.

  6. To lick, or not to lick, that is the question! We vote for licking .

  7. River ya might wanna do that lickin' in the closet 'cause I predict there will be a cone of shame in your future.
    Of course I lick my paws but it is to get them wet so I can wash my eyes BECAUSE otherwise mom will come after me with a cold wet towel to clean my eyes. I really don't like that either
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. I also sometimes like to lick or chew on my legs and I get yelled at to stop it too. What gives

  9. My mom puts Bengay on my paw to make me stop. Yuckie.