Thursday, April 5, 2018

River's Snowed Out Garden Days Leads to a Special Second Bed

We have been looking forward to the first Monday in April for months.  That is when garden work begins. Some crocuses have already burst through the soil to greet us.  There are many other pretty flowers bubbling under the soil waiting to say hello. It was time for us to clean all the refuse winter dumped on our happy spots and prepare the yard for unprecedented beauty.

I woke up with a big smile on my face.  Daddy picked Pocket and me up and carried us on to the porch.  I couldn’t wait to see what new flowers had peeked through to see me.  I planned to give them all a welcoming sniff. Daddy opened the door.

Everything was covered with three inches of snow!  How long had I slept? Did I miss the entire summer?  Then I saw my brave crocus friends shivering under the snow, just their buds poking through the white and I knew it was still April, but winter would not let us out of its cold grasp.

I was so angry at this terrible snow that I went outside and peed then pooped right on top of it.  The snow didn’t learn its lesson because it came down harder. Huge flakes, the size of Pocket’s ears, landed on my back.  We slunk back inside and shook off the offending snow then had to endure being roughly toweled off.

There was only one thing dogs who had waited all year for garden day only to have it ruined by Mother Nature could do.  We went back to bed

I love second bed.  First bed is great when we all go to sleep as a pack.  But second bed is heaven. That is when we think we are going to start a long boring day, but instead, we get back in the warm bed.  Pocket, after barking excitedly for a minute making sure that no one could go back to sleep slipped under the covers. As long as Pocket has a hand on her, she is content.  

I am more demanding about second bed.  I sit between my parent’s pillows. My Mom scratches my back while Dad rubs my belly like I am a deity.  They are allowed to talk, and even move, as long as I am scratched and rubbed. Since they are lying down and I am sitting up the scratches and rubs are much more satisfying.  I am sure people who watched us go into the bedroom would say we were sleeping together but believe me there was little sleeping and it was much more satisfying. The best part is that no one needed to clean the sheets.

After I was sated, it was time for breakfast.  The snow had already started to melt. By early afternoon when my tummy was full the snow had melted, and I went to visit my brave crocus friends and promises them this was only a momentary delay, and we would surely be outside next week.

Weather permitting.


  1. It's tough to be a gardener River. I bought my seed potatoes already but the ground is still froze luck my friend.
    Golden Kisses, Enzo

  2. I have nothing but mud and swamp in my yard. But I finally saw a few little daffodils today.

  3. We are like Chester. We are wallowing in mud here too. They say we might see some snow tomorrow, but Mom says it will be just enough to make more mud:( On a brighter note, we do have some pretty hyacinths in bloom in the front yard. Now we would really enjoy a second bedtime, but we can't even manage to convince the peeps to give us a first bed time - in the big bed!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. we have a giant swamp outside and we ponder about building an ark... but hey a second bet is something an ark needs too right?

  5. Good job sending that message to the snow!

  6. I notice the snow started melting after you were belly-rubbed and fed. Do you think that's what did it, River? ~Xena

  7. We're expecting snow today so we're all headed back to bed.

  8. Mother Nature sure is crazy this year!! We sure hope Spring comes to your part of Blogville for good soon!!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  9. Hazel has been the first one out of bed the last two days. Me - I have to have my belly rubs and kisses before I even think about getting up. This morning it was raining - all the more reason to stay in bed
    Hazel & Mabel