Thursday, January 14, 2021

Pocket Has Some Big Questions About the World for Foley


I got a request from Pocket to meet in her dreams.  I thought that she was going to complain about River or some other mundane part of her existence.  But when I saw her, she surprised me.

"What has happened to our parents?" She inquired.

I asked her what she was referring to.  "Remember how it was ten years ago?" she reminisced.  "Everyone was together on one site linked by their love of dogs. Now they are split into two camps, and where people used to comment about their dogs with love and caring thoughts,  they are now attacking what the other parents believe. Why can't we go back the way we were?"

It was an excellent question.  I have watched in dismay as many of our friends have shunned others. It has been like watching a family disintegrate.

"I always said the old Doggyspace, like other dog social networks sites for dogs, would implode once the person behind the dog became known. People want to give their dogs loving and sweet personalities so they are admired. They are not concerned about the way they are portrayed, especially on Fakebook where people tend to exhibit their worse characteristics like it is a contest and the worst person wins."

"That must be hard to determine," Pocket observed.  "I have read the posts, and everyone is behaving like a kid when a first-year substitute teacher enters the classroom. It's a license  to be obnoxious."

"It's because of politics," Foley said.  "Ten years ago, when we first started on social media, which political party they represented was just one small facet of their personality.  It was like if you were a cat person or dog person.  It didn't define who they are.  But now their political beliefs more determine who they are than where they live, how much they earn, if they have children, what religion, race or creed they are or what type of person."

"They all seem so angry," Pocket observed.  "And they never stop.  When River and I wrestle, once we're separated, we both sniff one another to make sure we are unhurt.  It's been a long time since I saw a Democrat sniff a Republican."

"Remind me later. I will show you the Kellyanne and George Conway sex tapes.  You will want to wash your eyes out with cyanide."

Pocket shook her head in horror.

“What humans don’t understand is that they see people who have different political views all day.  They watch ball games with them in bars, they see them in waiting rooms, work with them, are in the same family, and have a lot in common.   But when they talk about the other side, they are all crooks, thieves, and murderers. They have lost sight of the fact that they are also their friends, family members, and coworkers.”

“And dog owners!”

“Exactly!” I said.  I was almost proud of her.  Pocket asked if there was a way we could reunite our parents.  “Hopefully, they will join dog sites again, stop talking about their lives and views, and go back to concentrating on dogs.  If everyone looks to the dogs again, peace will come to the land.”

Pocket agreed.  So, we wish that people delete their Fakebook account, become their pets again, and post happily on pet sites without drama.  The Internet is no place for humans but a great place for pets.


  1. oh we so agree with you.... the internet is the place for pets not for catfights done by humans ;O)

  2. I agree with you. I've dumped all my social media accounts and refuse to watch the news. It's amazing how happy I am going from all the different blogs and seeing what's up with the pups and kitties. Okay there are chickens, ducks and pot bellied pigs too.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. Bravo, we totally agree, humans just aren't as smart or compassionate as they make out.

  4. Yes indeed! Our advice? Turn off the TV!

  5. Too much TVees is bad for our mental health...especially news!
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. But aren't humans entertaining as heck?
    Running around, being silly, saying silly things, and wearing silly stuff!

  7. pocket; we agreez ....we haz noe site but thiz site; and if de good LORD HIS self said, hay, wanna bee pals on facebook we wood be like...dood.....NOE ~~~~~

    heerz two a grate week end....♥♥☺☺☺

    waz ya ever on dogster? it waza awesum site...♥♥

  8. Blogville is the only place we look, and then just at our friends and other dogs and cats. We don't care or even want to know any of the private details, such as race, creed, religion or political opinions. Especially the latter.


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