Friday, January 14, 2022

Brave Tinsley Saves His Dad



Tinsley with her owner, Cam Laundry, who survived a crash after Tinsley led rescuers to the crash site. 


I was sleeping when my emergency prayer beacon sounded. This is the one I use when dogs pray to me directly. My reputation as a miracle worker has spread among mortal dogs, and I am the first angel many turns to when in dire straits. While I love to help, being on call all the time is tiring.
    The dog summoning me was Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, who had been riding with his human on Interstate 91 in New Hampshire when his dad institutionally swerved as a deer crossed in front of him. His pickup truck rolled down an embankment near the New Hampshire-Vermont border, injuring himself and the passenger.  
    Tinsley's dad and a friend were in the front seats; both knocked unconscious and trapped. Tinsley was launched out a side window and was currently mid-air praying for help. I had to fly faster than I ever had, to reach Tinsely before hitting a tree, guide him around it, and then safely on the ground.
    Tinsley ran back to the truck, barking in an attempt to raise the humans. I told him to stop. We had to find help. I asked him his father's name and was told "Cam Laundry." I explained I didn't want to know where he worked, but his name. It took several exchanges before I realized Tinsley's grandparents named their son after a store on the corner when they washed their delicates.
    I told Tinsley I would fly ahead and find help. I noticed a police cruiser a half-mile away, then flew back to Tinsely and had him run after me until we came to the cops. Tinsley barked enough to coax the police to follow him and led them to the crash. They called for an ambulance, which was soon there. They took the injured duo to the hospital, where doctors treated them, and the dad was released. While their injuries were not severe, they had been trapped in the car and were in danger of freezing if Tinsley had not acted quickly.
    The first thing Laundry did, when he awoke in the hospital, was ask about his dog, and he was thrilled to find out his beloved pup was alive and stunned that Tinsley was the one who rescued him.
    When Laundrie got home, Tinsely got hundreds of hugs and snuggles, which is all a dog wants, and my reputation as a hero angel grew.


  1. I saw that on the warmed my heart. Tinsley deserves a medal!
    Hugs cecilia

  2. Tinsley is such a hero and so are you!

  3. Good thing you saved Tinsley mid-air so he could save his pawrents! XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia

  4. Tinsley is an amazing pup, what a VERY good boy!

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