Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Aslan Changes the Rules


At first, the Bridge was designed to have each species in its specific area. But, as the age of humans began to arrive, they chose to live with other lifeforms. When they went to the Bridge, they told the angels that it would not be Happily Ever After if they weren't allowed to live with everything they had loved while mortal. That is when there was intermingling in the areas, and everyone lived happily ever after.


But, it is not just humans who go to the Bridge while we wait for our parents, dog, cats, and other pets to live in their own sections. But animals love more than just their own kind. Dogs and cats can be as close as two of the same type, so some dogs lived in Kittyspace, and cats lived with us in Doggyspace. Then my cat friend Paddy O'Malley suggested we create land in between.


The Bridge is constantly expanding because of a continuous line of souls crossing over, especially in the age of COVID. Creating a new village was easy. The first two to make a home there were my friends Barnum and Bailey, both dogs, who wanted to get a home ready for when their sister Siamese cat Aslan crossed.


While they all had their special spot in Momma Cynthia's heart, Aslan had just a touch more than the rest. There was no jealousy from the other animals. They wanted their mommy happy, and Aslan did that for 14 years. She was a velcro cat who always wanted to be with her mom, who was delighted to oblige. Her appetite was spurred by anything her mom ate, and she always got a bite.

Unfortunately, Aslan became ill, and, living in the same state as my parents, Momma Cynthia ran identical problems my parents did with Pocket: Getting a vet to see her. Momma Cynthia knew Aslan was losing weight but didn't think it was life-threatening. It was too late to stop the disease's progress by the time she was seen by a vet and received a lymphoma diagnosis. Aslan went downhill quickly. Knowing she was suffering, Barnum and Bailey came down and brought their sister to her final forever home, taking away her pain. 


Both dogs and cats warmly welcomed Aslan. Buddy, who had been appointed the In-Between Judge, swore Aslan in, and then we had a party for the first members of this new land. Aslan kept up a brave face, but we all knew she was missing her mom and anxious for her brothers to teach her how to visit.


We walked with them to their new home, and then they entered, where they would live until their mother came for them, and then they could move to Happier Ever After.


  1. that was nice to help aslan with the visits... angels ar efurrywhere where we neeed them...

  2. I really admire your storytelling. It's always warm and imaginative.

  3. Farewell, Angel Aslan.
    Am glad to read that Celestial Paddy O'Malley was helpful; some of us are missing him with deep sadness these days.

  4. Aslan; we are truly sorry and send hugs to you in heaven and to your mom back here on earth~~~~ ♥♥♥

    foley and pocket; this is another truly awesome story ♥♥♥

  5. The Angels always figure out a way to make things work out.


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