Thursday, May 12, 2022

Poetry Thursday



Each week Angel Sammy posts a picture to inspire us to write a poem

This is this week's picture

And this week's poem 

I built a new pharmacy which I put all my money on

But where have all the customers gone?

I set the new hours, we would be up by dawn

But where have all the costumers gone?

You can buy polish for your french horn

Food for your swan

A chess set with an extra pawn

But where have all the costumers gone?

You can buy medicine to make you yawn,

swan, fawn and to help when you're withdrawn

 Supplements that will build your brawn so you looks like a 1992 Mo Vaughn

But where have all the customers gone?

Then I learned there was a new CVS across the lawn

No chairs no ice cream,no copies of Manon

Just a place where out of networks customers are drawn

That's where all the customers have gone. 



  1. that sadly happens often... sigh...

  2. Sitting at the counter, enjoying a sundae...I'd rather be there than any ol' box store!

  3. river....grate poem thiz week and veree troo.....sad lee... ♥

  4. Great poem! We always though the internet would bring people together. But, alas, sometimes it does the opposite.

  5. Hi friend, Ojo here! If the humans don't want to go there, I will go there! Will they feed me snacks??

  6. We thought you were going to say they stayed away because of COVID. But we think your ending is really what happened.


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