Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Worst Day in a String of Worst Days



The text I got on my I-Paw first stunned me and broke my heart. The Powers asked me to gather two dozen dogs good with children and go to the human side. All dogs love kids, but I picked out the 12 with the most experienced, and we walked to the human side.

This was one of the worst days any angels had ever experienced, because it is part of a recurring nightmare, and each one is scarier than the last. We all stood, some crying, others looking down until we saw the woman leading 19 children by the hand, in a link, over the Bridge, as they often did, on field trips or coming inside from recess.  

There is often joy when a soul passes, and they are free of pain, stress, sickness, and can be young again. Coming to the Bridge is a reward for a long-lived life but a penalty for those who had barely started living.

There is no happiness when a child passes. The future they were to have and the children and grandchild that would have followed would never be. Generations have been snuffed out. 

    The hardest part is getting our tails wagging and putting on happy faces when the kids cross. They don't understand why they were there. Many said that they must have fled into the woods and were now going somewhere safe until their parents found them.

    We were the first to greet them because happy dogs, willing to play with a child, with wagging tails and giving lots of licks, always put them at ease. We did so, not showing our sorrow, while family, who preceded the children to the Bridge, were found.

    We did not have to stay with the children when the angels told them that they were now in the next life and could not go back to their parents, but we did because you do not leave a soul alone when you can help—rule number one of the Angelverse.

Finally, the children were taken away, and we left, slowly walking to our land. After a long day, we went to bed but known of us slept. Greif and insomnia are best friends.

We all hope we never have such a day again, but we will, and the new angels will be America. Our country has a meanness that has turned to violence, like Godzilla destroying cities.

I just don't understand why the government is feeding, supporting, and protecting the monster.

I'm just a dog.

I guess I am not supposed to understand human things.


  1. Thank you Judge Foley for writing this. It was truly a tragedy that should never have happened. I grew up in a religious home where no one used non Lutheran words but dab gum it thoughts and prayers just don't solve the violence. Golden Kisses, Enzo

    1. You’re so right, words mean nothing at this point . I live in the Sho-Me state so do that! 🎶

  2. Truly crushing, but I'm thankful the Angels pups were waiting.

  3. It are so sad aren't it. We wish something would change, and da momma will try to vote and work for change, but it are gonna be tuff going.

  4. Tears in my eyes just reading this.
    Why is this allowed to happen again and again? Just why?

  5. It is good that these too young souls were met by friendly faces and wagging tails.It is sad they met them way too soon.
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Heads are bowed in silence, no words are left ...

  7. Your post today brought tears to my eyes. Almost twenty years ago now, my only niece perished in a car accident at the age of 7. She would have loved to walk with the dogs.

  8. There were TWO women leading those children. One of them followed closely by her husband.

  9. Thank you for honoring the victims and helping them make their way.

  10. Foley, dear, it's not just you who doesn't understand "human" ways. There will always be angry and insane people, but there doesn't always have to be AK47's and the like. Automatic and semi automatic weapons are senseless except in a military setting. And Moms and Dads, lock up your guns! Let's stop the madness!

  11. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  12. Just terrible, there are no words.

  13. Lulu: "Oh, yes, this day, when the news started out bad and just kept getting worse ..."


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